LOW IMPACT HIIT Workout With Weights // No Jumping


Low impact + high intensity in this full body


33 thoughts on “LOW IMPACT HIIT Workout With Weights // No Jumping

  1. Great workout, amazing for when you need to slowly build yourself up again and to get ready to progress for more challenging routines
    Thank you Heather 🥰

  2. Thank you!! I’m about 65 pounds overweight and five years post op sleeve.. I needed this because I’m so out of shape after letting thirty pounds creep back on. I plan on doing things like this four to five times a week.. and work on my food addiction as much as I can. I just want you to know I really appreciate this content being out there!

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  4. Have been doing this workout 4 times a week for 3 weeks. I know I should really change it up but I just love it sooooo much. I loved how I’ve improved but it’s been a good challenge

  5. Thank you for the no jumping workout. Makes it easier when you live on an upper floor apartment. One suggestion, when I think of workout songs I think of motivational like you can do this stuff not about a guy whose heart got broken.

  6. i know this is low impact but i have a large DRAM in my abdominal muscles and still find i tend to bulge dispite trying to brace for the moves. is there any workout you have that is specifially designed for separated abdominal muscle repair. i just love your workouts and want to be able to do them as much as possible.

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