Little Havana Neighborhood Association Meeting

Here’s a clip on Little Havana Neighborhood Association Meeting in Miami, FL USA. We meet at the Value Store It Warehouse. They are extra supportive of our neighborhood and a great neighbor to have in the community.

Our special guest was Commissioner Higgins representing district 5.

Some of the issues we are addressing are over development in residential areas that lead to commercial intrusion and excessive congestion in our community. We also talk about the lack of parks in our area. We are trying to preserve our neighborhoods but it is very difficult when developers seem to be the ones driving the vision for our city in collaboration to some of our political leaders. The residents seem to be the least considered in the equation.

That is why I coined the phrase Predatory Development to describe developers that abuse low income neighborhoods for their own personal gain and exploits. They invade our neighborhoods and some politicians help pave the way.

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