Leg Press (Glute Focused) | How to Target & Grow Bigger Glutes

In this video, Physique Development Coach, Alex is going over the execution of targeting the…


8 thoughts on “Leg Press (Glute Focused) | How to Target & Grow Bigger Glutes

  1. Hey guys, Coach Alex here. I appreciate the time you've taken to watch this video! I hope it has helped you add some clarity to your training or understanding of how muscles work during common exercises. If it did help, please LIKE the video and hit that SUBSCRIBE button – this goes further than you know and directly supports our work. Any questions? Let us know below!

  2. So basically use the machine as it’s intended and it works best. Who would have thought it. People get too “creative” on these machines. I find it funny though. Last week I saw a lady running sideways on the treadmill…

  3. I have found weak glutes are the cause of my chronic low back pain . Since I have started working glutes my back pain is less and less
    each week. It took about a 5 -6 weeks before I noticed the back pain improvement so don't think your going to do one set of glute focused leg presses and your back is all better. Also do not ever round your back or loose contact with the seat because you risk making low back much worse. This video is simple to the point and correct. I did learn to keep my knees closer together and inline with hips
    so great advice 👍.

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