Leg & Glute Workout for Women Over 40

DAY 1 Booty Love Challenge and we kick it off with a leg and workout specific for us women…


47 thoughts on “Leg & Glute Workout for Women Over 40

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  2. Day 1 done! Love it! Ok Bulgarian lunges. Not sure what I was doing wrong. Only felt it in my knees. So switched to the regular lunge and then could feel the glute. Not sure what happened. I'm 5'9, long legs, was trying closer together, longer, just couldn't get that glute. Oh well. Day 2 tomorrow! whoohoo!

  3. Great start to the 14 days. I just finished and I can feel it. Looking forward to tomorrow. It's fun to imagine people all over the world doing the same workout from their homes today and many of us eating a Patreon breakfast!

  4. Day 1 done- Great workout!!! 🌟my booty can feel it and it’s very thankful, but Bulgarian lunges took a toll on me 😩 I couldn’t do as many repetitions as I wanted.

  5. Day 1, a little late in the day but have been working this morning. I'm with you Abi, I detest Bulgarian Lunges too but love the froggies! Got through, enjoyed have a sore ass! 🙂

  6. Awesome, I wanted to pass on something! When we were doing the FROGGY, I rested my head on my weight but I put a towel in between for cushion👍 was great!

  7. Great start! .Have a pulled muscle in my thigh starting this 🙄 so those lunges weren’t up to scratch but hopefully will get better through the challenge!

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