Kegel Exercises for Men – Beginners Pelvic Floor Strengthening Guide

for step by step Physiotherapy guide to strengthen your pelvic floor…


48 thoughts on “Kegel Exercises for Men – Beginners Pelvic Floor Strengthening Guide

  1. Hi, awesome video, honestly the best video on Kegel I've seen, only one question that's been bothering me, will masturbation or having sex prevent the muscles for getting stronger?

  2. Thanks much Dr for confirming this. I'm Indian, this technique is part of yoga. Many years ago during one of the yoga sessions, this technique was taught to me by a Guru. But unfortunately I couldn't hold for even couple of seconds and didn't continue to do. But I realise now that I should try again and practice it to improve it

  3. If you are doing it only for erectile dysfunction then you may worse the situation.. Because for men there are higher possibility that pelvic muscles are already tight enough and doing kegle will put more tension on it and ll cause hard faccid or pelvic dysfunction..

  4. 2 serious confusions;

    What do you mean by 'exercises' here ? Does it means '1 lift' or '1 session' of lifts ?


    What's the 'signal' to detect that the lift/rise/grip of the pelvic muscle has dropped and needs another lift? I can often see my testicles dropping after 3-4 seconds of a lift

    but still have a grip on the pelvic muscles. Its very demotivating to see the drop which makes me assume the grip is lost. And due to this often stomach muscles comes to play to maintain the rise, which is wrong I know.

  5. The amount of people asking for pictures… pictures of what? She did an excellent job explaining exactly what to do. Ive done hours of research and this is literally the best so far. Im trying to imagine what you think these pictures would show… Its almost a mental excersize.

  6. Lmao I had to stop mid-kegel to laugh after her gentle reassurance that my penis wasn't going to get smaller 😂 In no way shape or form was I ready for that comment

  7. my husband has catheter inserted few months ago when he was in hospital. They removd it 2 months ago but inserted it back as he couldn't pee for about 5 hrs. Now they blame his prostate and want to do TURP. But even with catheter sometimes he wants to pee and can't, BUT WALKING FOR FEW MINUTES IS ENOUGH FOR HIM TO GO. So i really doubt it is just prostate. Some muscles contract and stop flow–and walking relaxess them. Would Kegel help?

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