Katie May Dies After Chiropractic Visit

Health Alert after model just days after visiting the ! The autopsy showed that social media sensation Katie Mae’s. Death was caused by a neck adjustment, ABC’s, Marcie avocados, here with the story good morning, Maura George good morning, really troubling story here, Mays career was just really taking off.

In fact, she was on a photo shoot when she hurt her neck, and now we’re learning treatment for that injury ended up costing her her life. This morning, new information about the sudden, shocking death of model and so-called queen of snapchat Katie may hi.

I’m Katie. May the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, telling our affiliate KABC the 34 year-old mother’s, cause of death in February neck manipulation by . Now her , speaking out for the first time about the tragic loss, your heart sinks, because you you feel like it was preventable.

My followers are why I’m here, so keep him coming. Guys may had more than two million Instagram followers before her death and was very active on social media, a short time before her death, tweeting pinched, a nerve in my neck on a photo shoot and got adjusted this morning.

It really hurts days later tweeting. It still hurts going back to the chiropractor tomorrow, but officials say when May went back. The chiropractor tore one of her arteries during a neck, manipulation cutting off blood flow to her brain made ID a few days later at the hospital leaving behind her seven-year-old daughter.

We got a call and by the time my parents got out to LA the next day she was on life support. We don’t want Katie’s, death to be in vain. In a statement the California Board of chiropractic examiners says it is aware of the incident and is conducting an investigation.

Adding the doctor has an active license and has no disciplinary actions against him. It should make us all step back and ask questions to our to our doctors of what are the risks to all the procedures.

Now we did try to reach the doctor who treated May but did not get a response. Doctors tell us these kinds of accidents are very rare, but when they do happen they can be very serious, as remains daughter who we saw the piece there.

Her fans have set up a GoFundMe page to help support her. She was a single mother and then now that child lost her mom

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