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champion and his strength and conditioning coach share the he…


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  1. Excellent program . I’ve used some of this myself . Slight variables on the bike workout . I also do a 10 minute spin bike program with a 40/20 HIIT split . 40 s moderate intensity, 20 s flat out !! I do this either side of a functional weights and band workout . I.e .. I book end it . I particularly like the workouts from Athlene x That guy knows his athletic prep workouts .

    I like the emphasis on core engagement especially . It lacking in karate competitive prep and although my competition days are long gone – I’m 55 – I’m still achieving a resting heart rate of 48 Bpm , so I’ve kept my fitness well . Karate and training is hard graft and it’s easy to just sit on the sofa and eat shit .

    I’m slightly ocd, so I guess that’s what keeps me going all these years . All I would ever say to anyone is look after you hip health . Mine are not good . I’ve already had one hip resurfacing and the other needs doing later this year .!
    Age , wear and tear , genetics 🤷‍♂️

  2. I'm glad he admits that he's basically just playing tag, with hands and tappy kicks. Also thought it was funny when his coach said he does cardio to ''endure his 3 minute matches''. No offense to the guy, but point-karate or touch-karate just doesn't resemble real fighting at all. Every time he went in deep for a reverse punch I couldn't help but think how screwed he'd be by someone delivering a decent counter. You're probably discouraged from counter-punching because it would be too hard to pull back (due to Scott basically throwing his head into your fist). Another big vulnerability would be taking his legs out with a cut kick when he goes in laterally. And he'd be very shocked to realize that cross-parrying a Muay-thai roundhouse with one hand really doesn't work…

    Also, their desperate desire to land one clean punch while not being touched even once completely eliminates the close-quarters aspect of striking. He wouldn't have a clue what to do in the pocket, or if he gets cornered. His shell wouldn't be tight, and he wouldn't have good body hooks or uppercuts.

    I'm not saying Karate doesn't work, but the old art of self-defense is being replaced by a similar-looking game/sport; and they're not adapting to the changing landscape. Oh well, it's not all bad. With his training background, he could probably be a decent stand-up fighter within a year if he changed disciplines.

  3. some great methods for speed and explosiveness. Karate is a lot of fun,and much more exciting to perform than to watch. Though I enjoy watching many bouts,there are others that just don't bring excitement. It depends on the athletes. In Tom Scott's case,I was in staging( warm up are) right by this guy in Reno 2014. He definitely has "IT" As a GJJ,and Karate practitioner,as well as a huge MMA fan. Tom Scott has my respect. Also what a lot of people do not realize is just how many Karate competitors are in fact mixed martial artists. Just because we love Karate does not mean we do not train Jiu Jitsu,Boxing,Wrestling,or Muay Thai. Many of us do. To say in MMA a karate fighter would just get wrecked,is ignorant. GSP,Lyoto Michida,Wonderboy,and ton of other UFC fighters train Karate. And do very well. I would admit in my view that a wrestler if having no other MA training were to start MMA they have a bit of advantage of other stylists including karate. But really only in the same way a very good boxer would. I'm sure their conditioning is the edge. It's incomparable. Wrestling,and Boxing have the best conditioning. Athletes from those arenas have a great leg up in MMA. But,it's not the end all be all. As we've seen some guys just have freakish punch power i.e Ngannou,some guys are freaky slippery i.e Adesanya,some fighters Judo,and Jiu Jitsu are just better than any others in their class Rousey. Some fighters are just hard ass,Diaz bros. Theres all types. We should appreciate them all. Including awesome athletes like Steve Lopez TKD,Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu,and Yes Tom Scott karate. They offer us something different,and interesting. No one watching youtube could have a single clue how any of them would fair in a street fight,and guess what who cares. These people are too busy improving themselves at their craft to be bothered wasting their time getting into fights anyways.

  4. I miss this kind of training. Yes, he will die in MMA. But listen to the last part of this video. It’s a control olympic sport and focus more on a short burst of energy. Brilliant video training for those interested in this sport. Just shows how Men’s Health is able to cover a wide range of trainings. Well done guys!

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