Justin's Weight Loss Astounds Dr Now! | My 600lb Life

After struggling with his weight since high school, Justin decides that it’s time to get his…


24 thoughts on “Justin's Weight Loss Astounds Dr Now! | My 600lb Life

  1. THIS is definitely proof that there should be absolutely no reason what so ever AT ALL for anyone to be overweight. Americans Canada and the UK are all overweight. People are so grossly lazy anymore its disturbing

  2. But if he lost so much weight in 2 months why shouldn’t he just keep going without surgery and scars like a baby who needs it to control his cravings? He actually does that without the surgery. Just follow the diet for 1 year and keep the weight off.

  3. This man may be on the heavy side, but his mental strenght is beyond this world. It takes alot simply to go to the gym, this man goes to the gym, sticks to a diet even ordering it from a fastfood joint, appreciate but doesnt expect constant help from his mom, faces his personal demons and anxiety and keeps a postive mindset. Keeping this up and its only a matter of time before he is gonna be a well fit healthy man. So inspiring!

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