Is Weight Lifting Safe For Kids And Teens?

With the obesity epidemic spreading quickly in and even pre-, parents are looking for…


34 thoughts on “Is Weight Lifting Safe For Kids And Teens?

  1. im 13 is curling weights ok for me? i won’t do nothing like bench pressing cuz i don’t want to stop growing but will curls make me stop growing?

  2. Just started the video, and I see a guy doing 1/4 reps on bench press, who edited this segment?!?!?!?!
    Edit: OMG it got worse, none of these kids had good form!

  3. I hate how everyone thinks machines are better than free weights. You don’t get assisted when lifting things in real life so why do it on the gym? And you can’t consider machine lifting real lifting and weight. A 50kg machine bench press is not a real 50kg bench press.

  4. If you want to be healthy do cardio and calisthenics,if you want to be slow,stiff,unathletic and have big muscles go and only lift weights

  5. I have a flat body and I want to build my muscles especially my glutes. I've searched it and have seen many exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, but bridges etc. I'm 15 years old. Would weight lifting (just 6kg) harm my body? Please answer if anyone knows❤

  6. You should start training when you hit puberty to amplify muscle gains with testosterone, lifting weights to gain muscle doesnt make sense if you're pre pubescent, its wasted effort

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