INTENSE TONED ABS and WAIST in 14 Days | 6 minute Home Workout

That is your 6 minute intense abs and at residence exercise problem. There’s simply 6 minutes on the clock, 30 seconds every train. No breaks and belief me, you are going to really feel a burn. I need you to do that residence exercise 3 times every week, and let me know the way you get on within the feedback down under.

Do not forget to tag me on Instagram for an opportunity to be featured. Actually, you ladies are superb. The exercise outcomes are phenomenal. You can too do a full YouTube overview if you wish to, like this pretty woman simply right here.

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The music’s going to pump, let’s do that. (timer beeping) Beginning off in a facet plank, you are going to rotate and the dip, one, two, three, 4. (timer beeping) Superb, coming down now into mendacity, rotate, carry, decrease.

Okay, double the tempo guys, one, two, one, two. Actually rotate to hit into that . (timer beeping) Superb work, ft down, attain, attain, middle, middle. Left, proper, middle, middle. (timer beeping) Good, fingers in a diamond form beneath the again, and reverse crunch, straighten, open, shut.

(timer beeping) Good, maintain these out straight, watch for that beep, pull the core in tight, faucet down and up, down, up, down, up. Good work, core tight you guys. (timer beeping) Good, now open, shut, open, shut.

If you happen to’re struggling you guys, simply carry the larger okay, you bought this. Hello Teddy. (timer beeping) Legs down, superb, we’re developing right into a full sit up, clap okay. (timer beeping) Superb work, your core needs to be on fireplace.

Lifeless bugs, are up, legs are up, straighten out the alternative arm to leg, discover that beat, one, two. (timer beeping) Up into sitting you guys. Okay, roll again to the place you actually really feel that core kicking in, one, two.

(timer beeping) Good, onto the opposite facet now for that facet plank. All the way in which up, okay, dip, up, rotate, up. Hello Teddy. (timer beeping) Good, right into a full plank to complete up, up, down. One, two, three, 4, faucet, faucet, faucet, again up, down.

Practically there you guys, 10 seconds. (timer beeping) You smashed it! Please remember to click on the thumbs up button. Additionally, click on subscribe. We’re almost at two million subscribers. Which is blowing my thoughts.


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