Today’s full body is intense! We are…


36 thoughts on “Intense FULL BODY STRENGTH Workout

  1. this is one of my fave strength routines, Heather!! 🔥i’m so thankful for it.✨ the best thing about the repeats of each movement is being able to assess form, whether to increase or decrease weight, slow down or speed up, or try a variation of the move in following rounds {or the next time you do the workout!} there are so many ways to approach it ~ it also goes by so fast! this is an excellent workout!! 💞

  2. I did this twice, it was difficult but well worth it because I felt amazing afterwards. Thank you, I will definitely be working this into my routine. ☺️ 💪

  3. I LOVE this workout. I try to do a different one of yours every day to keep my muscles guessing but I always come back to this one. I always feel stronger the next day and despite doing 4 rounds of each, it's not boring and it goes fast. Thank you for this gift!

  4. Absolutely loved this one (as well as the rest of your videos!) They have helped me stay on track during this year long lockdown! Are there any more videos in this format? (Repeated sets)

  5. I like it but it would be more complete with triceps, back, and obliques exercises. I still do the workout but I add exercises for these muscles.

  6. Didn’t think I was going to like this one but you challenged me to push myself and I am so grateful for your workouts! Thank you again Heather

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