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  1. If you are a female and going for a wide, straight waist and a big tummy, train as this video suggests. Nothing will give you a big, square waist faster than training obliques and abs with weights. Muscles grow when challenged with weights. Ifg you have a bit fat left on your stomach, training abs with weights will give you the physique of a powerlifter – square and a protruding stomach due to weight trained bigger muscles pushing your fat out. – Way to go. Stop following clueless individiuals` training advise.

  2. I love this.. I struggle a lot with cable abs exercise, so I just do my abs at home and train legs at the gym. But this vid right here, makes me feel like I can conquer the gym abs workout 😊💪🏽

  3. How many times a week are you supposed to do this workout? And if I train lower body 3 days a week and upper body 2 days, what days should I do abs? Should I do it after upper body days?

  4. Omg I just finished my cable day!! What an insane burn. GOOD INSANE LOL. So creative and fun as well. Pple and the f☺️gym were taking notes. Haha. I’m walking out of the gym seriously feeling the burn in my abs, obliques and also latts!!! Yes, will be incorporating this into my weekly workouts 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Thanks girl.

    NEW SUBBY ❤️🤗🤗

  5. FYI her technique is really poor. You need to actually pull fast and then slowly pull back to allow your muscles to actually keep tension with the cables to work them out. Trust me guys, when you lift or exercise any muscle like this (fast lift/pull and slow release) you are actually working the muscles more. Also, engage the abs while doing each rep, ie actually hold them in while doing each exercise. Doing each rep so rapidly will just result in injuries and burnout, which was clear while watching this workout. She was struggling. If you want good stamina, you gotta be careful with the reps and not hasty. The cables should also be further away from the machine when you pull back to starting position for any exercise. Not only does this ensure that you keep the right tension between reps, but it will also stop any handles/bands from accidentally slipping or falling off your feet. ✌🏼

  6. I know this video is 2 years old! BUT I’m going to do this for 60 days including diet and running/walking 2 miles starting rn (I’m at the gym) gonna update it every 2 weeks.

    Week 1:

    Week 3:

    Week 5:

    Week 7:

    Week 9:

    Week 11:

    Week 13:

    Week 15:

    Week 17:

    Week 19:

    Week 21:

    Week 23:

    Let’s get it, I’m not quitting.

  7. You are only strengthening those core muscles and doing nothing to reduce a fat stomach and love handles. You know this so why put this out to deceive your followers ? Seems to me your are wasting everyone’s time with these these.

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