Intense Ab workout for a flat and toned stomach

This is special. The way I’ve created is so it work outs every ab muscle and we…


29 thoughts on “Intense Ab workout for a flat and toned stomach

  1. Ok so this is for anyone who needs an extra punch of motivation. So I use to do this for about 3 days before I would give up cause I find the first 3 excersises so difficult but today I did Russian twists for the full 60 seconds. I never felt more happier about my achievements then I did then. So I guess what I’m trying to say is listen to Alivia because she is amazing but to also keep going

  2. im gonna share this with you guys im doing this for about 2 week
    measurements: belly: 20 cm
    day 1: completed very hard but I lost half a cm I was shook! like to remind me of updating this!
    day 2: finished was easy lost 1 cm
    day 3: done was VERRY EASY

  3. When I want to stop I just close my eyes and think how strong I can become like you and so many other YouTuber Who dances or are so much flexible. I know this video lasts, I just wanted to thank you for encouraging people during the routine saying that we can do it whatever or body, or age, ect… Thanks so much you help me so much for my sport I love you❤❤

  4. Soo I'm 5'2" and 46.5 kg right now. What do you say? Should I do this or not? Like i started doing this today to lose belly fat. I don't wanna lose whole body weight. I did the workout in the morning should i repeat in the evening too?

  5. Did anyone else pull out there mat, pull out their phone pull up the video and then see something in the recommended for you so you are just sitting there and you totally forgot that you were actually gonna do this but then u change ur mind

  6. I have a habit of telling myself I’ll stay consistent, and then forgetting or giving up on a workout, so I’m gonna try keeping track and forcing myself to stay consistent. So.

    Day one (2 days ago): OOF. I was in pain and I shook a lot. I had to take small breaks during the workout.

    Day 2: Skipped, pretty sore. (I’ve heard it’s good to give your muscles a rest so I’m doing abs every other day and working on my legs and arms the other days)

    Day 3: I did it! 😄 I didn’t have to take as many breaks! I was still a teensy bit sore, though. I probably won’t be able to do the next few days because I’m gonna be helping take care of my cousins, but I’ll try to fit it in. If you want, you can try to remind me to keep coming back 😅

    Day 4-7: skipped (helping with kids at a theme park/hotel)

    Day 5: okay, so I’m frustrated. I woke up today and started doing some stretches, and I must have tweaked my back somehow. So now I can’t move a whole lot and I don’t think it would be wise for me to work out this morning. Hopefully it’ll get better and I can still fit in the workout today. I’m NOT GIVING UP!

    Day 6: skipped, I was giving my back another day just in case. I REALLY don’t want to have back problems when I get older, so I try to take care of it.

    Day 7: Only did one set. I was trying to stay gentle with my back and it’s my brother’s birthday! So I needed to be with the fam 😉

  7. im gonna be doing this for a month
    day 1: it was so hard i started to cry but i was rlly out of shape
    day 2: rlly sore no difference much easier though didnt do the second round because its not healfy to do it every day
    day 3: SAW A HUGE DIFFERENCE less painful getting easier have rlly hard time on bicycle things
    day 4: less harder not much as a different then yesterday
    day 5:kinda easy
    day 6:much more different took and a break cause weekend and with friends
    day 7:skipped
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  8. Hi alivia. I have a question. Is it normal having lower back pain while doing those Russian twist? I am not having pain after workout. Only while holding position for Russian twist.

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