Intense Ab Workout | 7 Minutes (FOLLOW ALONG!)

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45 thoughts on “Intense Ab Workout | 7 Minutes (FOLLOW ALONG!)

  1. Master of muscle, Guru of Gains, Wizard of Weight-training– I beseech thee. :D. Is there any wisdom you can impart on someone who has been injured for a while and put on a ton of weight and wishes to lose it without getting injured repeatedly like what's been happening to me?

  2. Hey guys, has anyone notice a big change?
    Lol I have been doing this for a month almost daily but I'm just a bit slender

  3. I don’t think I’ve felt a bigger sense of accomplishment then when I was finally to complete this without extra breaks. Just wish I didn’t have a mental image of dancing carrot cakes haunting my dreams.

  4. I love that you “demonstrate “ this workout ! Much appreciate your work! Am going to try this out. What you say about a quick routine as something someone can stick to is totally true for me.

  5. Ok… I have a question.. I hv an above
    avg belly.. Not too big.. But sure it's bigger than normal.. How long will it get to shape them.. Through this exercise??

  6. I just cannot do the star fish one or the one after, I need weight on my feet in order to pull myself up one than a few times

  7. Got to be honest. I consider myself to be at an intermediate level, but I thought about not going through the whole 7 mins! Glad I did, as it was an amazing workout that made me sweat like crazy really fast! Thanks Jeff

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