INTENSE 6 PACK ABS in 14 Days (fat burn) | 5 minute Home Workout

This is an intense 6 pack in 1 days, 5 minute at challenge. These…


46 thoughts on “INTENSE 6 PACK ABS in 14 Days (fat burn) | 5 minute Home Workout

  1. going do this for 2 weeks with no rest days and I will update you guys!!
    day 1-done✅ I definitely feel the burn, it was not that hard but worth it
    day 2- done✅ little bit easier
    day 3-done✅ it was really hard cause I did this before school (6:30 a.m) and I was sooo tired
    day 4- done✅ idk how I feel today, but I did it lol
    day 5- done✅
    day 6-done✅
    day 7-done✅

  2. Weight:125 lbs, goal: 120lbs doing for 14 days
    Day 1✅it was a challenge but I'm gonna add cardio.
    Day 2✅ first workout i did where i felt my abs burning i love it
    Day 3✅ still burning
    Day 4 ✅ checked the scale and i am 123lbs but like i said ive been adding other exercises to this, might gain pounds from leg and butt workouts
    Day 5✅ tomorrow is a rest day dont wanna over work
    Day8✅ my fupa got rlly small
    Day 9✅

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  4. Gonna be doing this. (I'm doing the 14 day hourglass workout too and I'm an intermittent faster 8:16)

    Day 1: WELL, THAT HURT
    Day 2: OH MY- THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I WOKE UP AND FLEXED AND COULD ACTUALLY SEE A HINT OF MY ABS? (And mind you we usually only have flabs to offer) they disappeared after I ate (I feel betrayed and destroyed bye)
    (Couldn't work out for 2 days because I got sick but I'll continue)
    Day 4: My abs after two days of rest: what fresh hell is this
    Day 5: how is this getting harder

  5. Watched around 5-6 last ABS Lilly's workouts and all of them with +/- same exercises 😊 So you can choose 1 you like more and follow it every day. And I should say it really works. Result visible already in 2 days 😉💪 Making our bodies ready for the beach! 👙🕶👒🏖

  6. Your exercises are a firecracker! I admire your physical fitness. I started exercising at home for 2 months and I still have a hard time doing a lot of exercise, but I will take the challenge and work out stomach and buttocks for 14 days with your training plan.

  7. Been doing this secretly for about 4-5 days trying to just do it whenever I can so I wont be counting days because sometimes I just lose all motivation even if I skip one day so gonna do it until my body is used to the routine then on with the next workout

  8. Pondré los días que lo haré y los avances
    Día 1: ✅ ya tenia dos dias haciendo otros ejercicios, senti una ligera presión en mi abdomen
    Día 2:
    Día 3:
    Día 4:
    Día 5:
    Día 6:
    Día 7:
    Día 8:
    Día 9:
    Día 10:
    Día 11:
    Día 12:
    Día 13:
    Día 14:

  9. okay so I'm gonna challenge myself! I won't do this everyday because I have other workouts to do but I'll keep you updated.
    If you are interested, I eat really healthy, I eat pasta once a week and the other days I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. I also go for a 7km walk three or four days a week and I workout everyday for about an hour.
    day !: I did it and OMG my abs are BURNING, HAHA.
    day 2: I did it! It's realy intense omg! I'm sure it'll bring results really quick :))
    day 3: nope, but I did another workout instead ^^
    day 4: i did it, difficulttt
    day 5:i did it, sweaty
    day 6: nope, but i did another workout instead lol
    day 7: i did it

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