Insane Olympian Leg Workout (Glutes & Hams) Missy Truscott

If you are looking for an epic leg workout this is the video for you. Today we are crushing…


45 thoughts on “Insane Olympian Leg Workout (Glutes & Hams) Missy Truscott

  1. "Give this a shot" John you want to kill me or what? An Olympia level athlete had trouble walking after doing this. I'll snail myself back home if I did this and probably not move for a week or two.

    It's in videos like these where John is probably at his truest self in terms of how much he pushes: no fucking around, it's a training day for the top-level bodybuilders on the planet and it shows.

    He's not competing these days and we, the viewers are not accustomed to how much his training philosophy pushes.

  2. Did this one yesterday. Now I have to hover about the toilet cause my glutes are so sore. 🤩
    As always Meadows knows what he’s talking about. Just do the work people. Thanks John.

  3. at 5.05 i've been doing squats just when picking stuff off the floor and think of the angle of my tail bone. I feel that stops me curving lower back at bottom of the stiff leg squat type movement.

  4. Hey great job, my daughter is a baseball player and a track runner and I sent your video to her. This is awesome and you rock too… You motivated me as well, I used to be a heavy weight boxer myself and me and my daughter workout together all the time… Thanks again, great video

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