Inner Thigh & Glute Workout – TONE LEGS AND BUTT | Rebecca Louise

We’re going to get toned legs and a perky in this 10 minute ! Get ready to…


45 thoughts on “Inner Thigh & Glute Workout – TONE LEGS AND BUTT | Rebecca Louise

  1. We can reduce weight or just muscles toned by these work outs .?
    I want to reduce 5 kg ..I don't want to do cardio exercises now. By doing floor exercise can we reduce weight with low calories diet. ?

  2. The only workouts I can do that motivate me. I haven't worked out in so long and just back into it again but not only can I keep feeling that burn but it's these videos that keeps me moving

  3. Super Motivated !!!Gona be regular.iam able to keep up the pace with you.Cant wait to get toned . Love the way you actually instruct us along with the real time demonstration of the exercise.Cheers !!!☺️

  4. Love the video, and enjoyed the workout. But please, can you speak less fast, and less. It is hard to concentrate as i never know when you are changing exercise or we have to do something as you are always talking. Really love the exercises and will keep doing them, but please talk less

  5. I love it!! And I have a question, why does my lower back hurt or feel intense when I do the inner thigh? If I lift my hips more it feels like my back experiences a big stress?

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