Injury Prevention Training For Footballers | Full Gym Workout Session

In today’s video I show you my entire injury prevention gym routine. Injuries are often caused…


23 thoughts on “Injury Prevention Training For Footballers | Full Gym Workout Session

  1. Hi guys! Hope you enjoyed the video. Here are some main points to take away when it comes to working out/injury prevention training:
    • injuries can’t always be avoided, but injury prevention work MASSIVELY reduced the risk of injury, and also the severity of injury if they do occur.
    • injuries are often caused by a weakness in the body. If an area is weak, another part of your body has to pick up the slack which can cause overuse, resulting in injury.
    • your workouts shouldn’t consist of living heavy weights but instead functional exercises with an element of balance and stability. You are trying to replicate movements that you would perform during a match and strengthen the body on those ranges of movement.
    • your joints are susceptible to injury, and usually need longer recovery time. Strengthening up the muscles around those joints will reduce the load on those joints when you’re bounding, twisting, jumping et.
    • strengthen your core! A strong core absorbs a lot of the strain put on the body during exercise, allowing you’re other muscles to work more efficiently, which not only reduces risk of injury, but also allows you to perform explosive movements for longer, and more often during a match.
    Remember, you can do body weight variations of all of these exercises at home 💪

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