I Went To A Thai Massage Parlor | Russell Peters

The wrist job!

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22 thoughts on “I Went To A Thai Massage Parlor | Russell Peters

  1. Not only not very funny but patently untrue as well. A happy ending is not something you would ever be offered as part of a traditional Thai massage. If you visit a knocking shop that offers massages too then sure but you’d know what kind of place it was when you walked in.

  2. Good one! Russell! But as you get more massages you stop worrying/feeling about your hog. Maybe your wrist hurts from holding up that microphone and the legs from all that walking around.

  3. Ok, I just want to say this. This video clip is not from a long time ago, the joke that he says is. You can tell by multiple things, like he is a lot older in this clip compared to clips from from earlier years. I know the description for the video says NotoriousTour but if you actually search up on google images-Russel Peters Notorious Tour, you will notice that he looks different and the background is different, plus if you have actually watch the full video for the Notorious Tour, you would know. Along with the fact that he tells the joke a little differently in this clip compared to when he said it before.

  4. Mr Peters….funny wasn't it?….a platform u hv….plz use it for awareness….Thai ppl would like to explain lot of other things like…."it may not be their choice"…if u making fun….didnt get it….may be try again and ds time give them respect….?!?!….

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