I tried CrossFit training for 30 DAYS | The Results Shocked Me!

I tried CrossFit training for 30 DAYS | The Results Shocked Me!

Okay, I’ve, decided to give myself a serious physical challenge. You beauty, as some of you may know, I have a friend axel, who has literally got the body of an Egyptian god. He’s been doing Crossfit for a while.

So I’ve decided to do 30 of CrossFit every single day to find out and see if CrossFit is all that is built up to be so without further ado. Let this challenge begin. Okay, so I’ve just arrived at the CrossFit wanderlust, which is where axel goes from my first CrossFit training session and imagine your little nervous yeah, because I’ve, never done CrossFit before and it’s a little bit Out of my comfort zone, what? But I feel like you’re gonna.

Take me through a good training session right yeah, you’re gonna die. I’m. Probably gonna die that’s. What I’m nervous about cuz, I feel like it’s. Gon na be a lot harder than I expected every day for 30 yeah.

Well, then, you should be smart and don’t train too high. I’ll, take care. Thank you. So much gonna walk up. Let’s, go [, Music! ], be honest. This is not the Instagram filtered version. This is the body that I currently possess and in 30 I hope to have a Greek god boy, okay, so, as I began my first day of this challenge, there were a few things that I had to learn straight away.

Number one always warm up. This is so important, especially in CrossFit, because CrossFit can be very strenuous at times, and it is often quite technical, which means that without proper warm-up, you can easily pull a muscle or damage your body.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to learn this. The hard way, I already kind of understood the importance of warming up the body before exercise music playing this place is so inspiring you strength parts. You know what you owe me every minute: one minute: [ Music, ], five reps, that lips get bodyweight since you with your max for one rap 140 days, should be able to do five: reps body weight; okay, every minute, another semi ten seconds, for I bet it’s like a dress.

Oh, is that good, I feel like the worst is yet to come, but it was good. It was the warmup. Although this may not have looked hard. I was dying last minute, some fun more. I finished one more year, 40 seconds.

Ok, I did 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats continuously as many sets as you could do in 10 minutes and it was exhausting. I recommend you give it a try, 10 seconds, [ Music ] of your view. [, Music ] good.

Well, how many rounds nine yeah, let’s, say eight, all the more reps, and so with that I had finally completed my first CrossFit session. All right! That’s, the first session pretty much finished. Well, you can really see my bruising in this light.

Huh there’s. Gon na cool down, I’m, exhausted, oh stop, but actually really fun. I love feeling like that. Thank you so much factor for taking it to that really appreciate it. He’s over there. Hopefully, what is this okay? So, as I began my first day of CrossFit, it was wonderful to have Axl there to help me along and guide me on.

My technique, the second thing I learned about CrossFit – is that a typical CrossFit session is split into two components: strength and conditioning. The strength aspect is all about building your strength and power, and the conditioning is focused more on fitness, aerobic capacity and stamina, [, Music, ].

The third thing I had to learn was to start light, improve the technique and only then to add more way. I used to try and go all in and see how heavy I could do straightaway. But I learned through experience that the best way to get the most from each of my crossfit sessions was to perfect the technique so that my body knew how to do.

The exercise was comfortable and capable of the movement, and then when I was confident in my technique, adding more weight would be far more effective. For me, as my body would respond and give myself the greatest chance of building my strength and fitness.

The fourth thing I learned was go a hundred percent hard in the conditioning, but only 90 percent in the strength. The reason for this is because you can recover relatively easy from conditioning training.

You know it. Doesn’t leave you dead and saw the next day in bed. But if you go a hundred percent every day in the strength component, you’re, often super sore and achy breaky the next day, and it means you don’t, get the most out of the CrossFit session the day after, and these Were four lessons that I had to learn on my first day of CrossFit, all right still hold your camera yeah training one is complete and, to be honest, I feel really good exhausted, but really good and really looking forward to the next 29 days.

Oh you wake up tomorrow and then you’re gonna feel. Sorry, yes, true! Well, thank you. I appreciate it. [ Music, ], [ Applause, ]. Okay. I decided to start day two off with asking the receptionist’s. What they thought about my challenge, I’m.

Doing myself a challenge 30 days of CrossFit every single day. Do you think that I will see much of a result after 30 days of CrossFit every day? Do you think I’ll? Look very different on helping yeah 30, like 3-0, so 1 month 1 month everyday.

Do you think I look better yeah? I’ll, be very healthy, yeah, ok, yeah excellent, and then I have a body like Axl’s. Oh really, Axl has changed a lot that’s, good to know that’s good to know, thank you guys and with that it was time to start day.

Two I don’t know no idea what this means better game on day. Two was really about adding to the knowledge that I already had and pushing myself to find my physical limits and see what my maximum lifts and my fastest times were: [ Music ], I haven’t, felt this part in a long time.

Whoa. Okay, we’re just beginning day three of the 30 days of CrossFit, and I feel really good this morning. Actually didn’t go very hard. Last night, on day two, I weren’t pretty hard the first day and then hacksaw reminded me that um it’s, gonna be 30 long days, and if I want to make every single day like as efficient as possible, I Probably shouldn’t go too hard in the beginning.

Needless to say, every single time I break a sweat and it’s, pretty exhausting. So with that in mind, let’s. Go get day, three under way: [, Music, ]. Okay day, three so the beginning of day three, I’m feeling really well.

It’s Sunday, so pretty much. Everyone’s taking the day off. But for me no days off thirty days every single day I’m doing this over New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day, and I have to come in, I feel really good fairly loose and I can narrow it down to four Key factors eating well and not eating too late at night, sleeping well and warm up and calling down.

I’m sure that in the long term, that’s gonna really help me be at being able to be consistent. If thirty days straight, let’s, do it, and so I continue to train every single day, no matter if it was pissing down with rain super early or super late.

I would find a time to commit to another CrossFit session and then I began to take part in the actual CrossFit classes that they offer to the gym, which I haven’t done yet, but um they do classes every day and normally I’ve just been training with Axl, but I’m excited to see what its gonna be like and as each day passed.

I learned more and more about this style of training. To the point where I felt comfortable training on my own and still being able to push myself and the more, I learned, the more I felt like I was getting out of each session.

But the interesting thing I began to realize was that it never actually got any easier. In fact, I’d say if anything the sessions got harder and more intense, like you know, I’m exhausted. This is when I felt myself slowly becoming stronger and fitter.

As I became more comfortable and familiar with the movements and techniques I was able to increase the weights, I would lift shorten the time between sets and become a little faster in the conditioning.

So in essence, I was lifting more resting less and becoming faster with the fitness [ Music ] [, Music ]. I did it last time, buddies that finally made about nine this time. Ten minutes ten rounds. Okay, we’ve reached halfway day 15 and I’m with axel doing he’s.

Taking me through training today, and it looks pretty brutal check this out. [ Music ] the following days. Another interesting thing hit me life. Slowly started to take priority, I think the beginning couple of weeks I was running off excitement and adrenaline, but as the week’s went by it slowly started to feel like the trainings were beginning to take second place to the other things going on.

In my days, although I was continuing to do CrossFit each day, I realized that I needed to change something in order to bring my focus back to the challenge and really make the most of the 30 days. So I decided to start training first thing each morning and that thirst.

This was a challenge because, as I’m sure you can imagine, waking up and thinking about destroying yourself at a CrossFit session was not a comfortable thought, but then slowly. I began feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable and I actually started to look forward to waking up early.

This bought all the focus back for me and once again, I felt like I was really making the most of each day. I was working really hard the whole day and I was in like I was in like one of those just tunnel vision, focus work modes where, like I didn’t want to do anything but sit there and work, and I was like doing really Well – and I was in a really good headspace for working and then the day just flew by and it was in it’s, six o’clock and I missed the 4:30 class, which is the normal class.

I’d. Do if I’m, if I, if I do in the arvo, so I was like [ __ ], should I go? Should I just kind of take a day off, but then I realized, if it’s 30 days of CrossFit, I would have you 30 days across fit, and I remembered so that my friend axel cares a lot which is just 3.

2 1. Go just do it and you’ll feel so much better afterwards, and I know that from experience there’s been countless times in my life, where I’ve, been like I don’t wan na. Do it like come on it’s, just comfy and comfortable, not going, and then I do it and then, as soon as I finish, I feel so much better and I’m, so grateful that I’ve done it.

So I know that from experience, so I just counted three to one to myself. Picked up, the keys went out the door, and Here I am let’s, go [, Music, ], and so the training went on each and every day and each and every day I got there feeling amazing and left feeling absolutely exhausted.

Legless very fine. [, Music, ], okay, day 25. Of course it about five days to go feeling really good. I feel like I feel fit up. I definitely feel fitter than when I started. Having said that, I just hate food, which was a bad idea.

You don’t eat food when you before you do a CrossFit session five days to go, let’s, kill it [, Music, ], okay, we finished the first set and now on to the Eman, my favorite part, [ Applause ]. Oh [, Music ], raining buh-bye, I just did a snatch class, so I learned how to snatchers.

I don’t even know what that word was before I started CrossFit. It was really cool, but I’ve been seeing. People do everything and do it, but it takes a lot of technique and you can injure yourself. You don’t know right.

I did like heracross CrossFit snatch class and they taught us how to do it, and now I pretty much know how to stack, which is awesome. I’m learning, so many new things it’s awesome. I just finished a killer workout.

I was in there for it’s now 12:30 and I got there at 10:00, so I was in there for two and a half hours killing myself. I learned how to do snatch, which is like a CrossFit move that I’d. Never heard it before I learned some Kip handstand push-ups or something like that, which was fun with Axl man.

I feel amazing, I might have felt amazing them, but here is me feeling absolutely exhausted: [, Music, ]. Okay. It is day 29 of my 30 days of CrossFit. Oh my god, what a journey it & #! 39 s been Wow.

It’s actually flying by like it’s, gotten really quickly, 30 days of CrossFit every single day. Apart from the four days which I had to take off because I was sick, but then I added them on at the end, so it’s, probably being a little bit more than 30 days.

But I ‘ Ve got this song because I just come from the surface. I have put sunscreen on [ Music ], the cost of it really really [ __ ], you huh, hello. Okay, today is my final day of my 30 days of CrossFit challenge.

Ah, I feel so good. I feel amazing [ Music ]. I love that aspect of like mixing strength and speed. You know strength and powers and it’s been amazing to learn that actually, you can mix the two for me that’s like ideal.

If someone who’s, muscular and strong, would also super fit and can run an Ironman [, Music, ], okay. So this is me at the end of my thirty days of training, and so that means that my 30 days of CrossFit challenge is officially complete.

This is my current form. As I said before, I don’t, think I’ve gained too much muscle mass, but I definitely feel a lot fitter there. We go that’s. How I looked after my 30 days. There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed 100 %.

There were days when it was raining, it was cold. I woke up late. I was tired and exhausted from the day before I was sore and I pushed through and I and I and I got up and I had a shower and – and I made my way to the gym and and I pushed through another session and every time I’m, so grateful that I did it.

I feel really proud of myself for completing this challenge. It feels I have come so far and I’ve learned so much so many different move, so many different techniques to me even concepts and a different understanding of just fitness in general.

It’s strong and it’s. Fit as you become the just get harder and heavier and more lengthy and more challenging, so you never escape the challenge of it. It’s, always a huge effort and absolutely exhausting.

I’ve. Come to to love it. I’ve, learnt to love the process and love the challenge, and I’ve, come to really enjoy putting my body through this strenuous exercise, see how hard I can go and how far I can go and how fast I can go And then, and then you can go any amazing food enjoy the rest of the day.

Knowing that you’ve, you know you really earned it and it might not be happy to go to the gym every day, but every day I feel like have to do some sort of physical activity, some sort of CrossFit style training going forward.

I don’t want to stop it because I’ve enjoyed it so much. I might not do every single day, because I actually think – and I’ve learned today. It also is important to give yourself a break, but I ‘

Ll. Definitely continue with my micro training, 100 %. I’ve, found this newfound passion and love for it. As with everything in life, it’s a whole different thing when you really experience it in person, so I mean there’s as much as I can try and tell you about my experience.

I think you individually going out there and experiencing it yourself. I would say a hundred percent throw it down get down there, give it a shot, see what it’s like see what it’s about and just commit, doesn’t have to be 30 days.

It could be one week. Seven days set your own challenge. It doesn’t have to be thirty days. It can be whatever works for you in your own life, just giving it a shot and seeing how you feel, because one of the big lessons I’ve learned is that there’s, something to be said for getting out of your Comfort zone and just pushing through the barrier and the challenge that is ahead of you, I feel like life, happens at the end of your comfort zone.

It’s, a wonderful quote that really resonates with me and I feel like it’s, a fundamental pillar, about what I want these weekly videos to be about. I honestly believe that is when the most learning and growth happens is when we step outside our comfort zone and we break past the the comfort barriers that exist in all of our lives, and I know from experience and from all the inspiration and the people.

I’ve watched and the stuff I’ve learned is that it is completely true when people say amazing, things happen on the other side of fear, 100 % on the other side of our comfort zone. This is when life happens.

So I would also so love to hear your journeys and how it goes for you and thank you so much for getting this far into the video, and I really appreciate you guys sticking through with it. As always, if you enjoyed the video and if you felt like you learned something, it’d mean the world to me.

If you could share it like it comment. Do all that stuff that’s? Wonderful and I can’t, wait to share it with you. My next weekly video next Thursday see you next week so soon.

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