I Got A Six Pack In Six Weeks

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37 thoughts on “I Got A Six Pack In Six Weeks

  1. Legit sitting here watching this 3 days out of my hip surgery so to hear Neds positive vibes from this brings me so much joy. I love that he’s being consistent and working hard

  2. Just want to throw out there that your before picture is also lovely! Glad you're seeking health, but remember how much muscle mass or tissue on your body does not define your worth.

  3. What's the idea of an egg white omelet with avocado? Isn't most of the egg protein in the yolk ? It seems more sensible to just eat the whole egg and maybe a less fatty vegetable if reducing fat there is the point 🤔

  4. I’d flip the cats and carbs. Good Fat is better for the body than simple carbs from pastas etc.
    So I’d instead recommend 40% protein, 40% fat and 20% (or less) of simple carbs and limiting starches. Carbs from veggies don’t count, those are good carbs 🙂

  5. Ned looked great before & after his fitness journey. Even though you can't really see a defined six-pack, he still got shredded and gained muscle and lost fat. His general physic looks much stronger and broader, and just healthier. So proud of him and I hope he's proud too because he looks fantastic!

  6. It's about calories. That's it. I got a six-pack in 16 days without changing anything but starting a food diary. This is about after 8 years of on-and-off "gonna get a six-pack this year." Use a high-fat, high-protein, low-carb diet to make it sustainable — I don't feel deprived or diety at all.

  7. The best diet is the one you can stick to, because all diets work when you stick to them. So… it's best to avoid crash courses that you'll drop after a few days, and make small changes at a time and turn them into habits.

  8. you already had abs, you just lost a miniscule amount of body fat but tensed up for the picture and changed the lighting to favour the thumbnail. i fucking hate youtube.

  9. Bro I suggest you to do a PRP for the knee . I have got two sessions of it after two separate knee surgeries and now I am back to jogging and pain free life.

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