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I grew up in a house with no bathroom…

Next week I am moving into a house with 5 bathrooms guess who lives around the corner PRO BOWLER

See this is not about me, it is about what you can do with desire, hard work, execution and a plan.

I don’t have a degree. Not particularly smart and am hard headed tho…

I grew up oddly poor.

Single parent household since age 11 right now I am supposed to be working a regular job and having a regular ass life.

Not someone with over 14 million YouTube views. Not someone with two training platforms. I did not defy the odd I blew them up. I smashed the fuck out of the odds and you my dear friend can too.

This is the secret to success.

Not giving a fuck about what anyone says about you. Not giving a fuck about what someone thinks about you. In this space, you can perform.

You can win.

You have been programmed since the day you were born to fail. it is not true of course but that is your programming, you have been set up to fail because no one is telling you the truth. Success is not fair nor does it give a damn who owns it.

You were taught to be scared and to just settle for some kind of good life. To be thankful for scraps. To be grateful that someone who does not give a fuck if you live or die has provided you with a job.

To be grateful to be a utility.

If you want the good life defined as freedom to do as you want with your life listen to me. You must be prepared to devote 2-5 years of your life to a higher calling.

The grooming of you!

No, you are not going to be balling out of control in a few weeks, not in a few months and more than likely not even in a few years.

You however will be setting yourself up to become a highly paid person if not a millionaire and set the stage for your kids to start off high in life. This is much better than a life insurance policy you get to enjoy success and then hand it off to your kids.

My journey began in 1997 I was lost and unfocused until 2000 I was drastically underperforming I had issues. 2009 to 2014 is when I grew into my success. That was the first level of organic success I tasted.

I made more money in those 5 years than I did in the previous 20.

But it started with the lessons and loses I took in 1997, nothing happens without those experiences. You might be ass out right now, I was back then but that is not your future if you don’t want it to be. Use the current bullshit in your life as fuel for success.

That is what I did.

You need to become selfish with your time it is the most valuable thing you own and it is nonrenewable.

You got to get rid of the people in your life who are holding you back, yes that means mom and dad if they are negative just love them from afar.

You need help.

Yes, you can figure it out …maybe… in 6, 7, 10 years 15 years maybe never. I had help in 2000. I had a mentor who taught me to sell without that none of this would have happened.

I see smart people fail every day because they think being smart is enough …it’s not.

You need much more to win.

In 6 weeks or sooner I am going to launch Salesmatic how to make SERIOUS money with a YouTube channel.

Right now everyone is trying or creating products and services to sell from their YouTube channel. Many are going to fail because their channels are not set up to make money

Not set up to actually sell and convert.

You got to embed this stuff in the channel from day one or make a very sharp pivot that is going to lose you views and subs for a time.

I make more money than 95% of YouTubers with a small channel. I have been doing this for 10 years. I am 18 days into a launch that is at $28K of recurring income.

No funnel.

No paid traffic.

You can wait until I launch it or you can sign up for Hustler Undergrad and get it as part of the curriculum the choice is yours. I got to train you like Micheal trained me, so you will be trained up correctly from day one.

Enroll here give me 12-24 hours to set you up and send you your login credentials.

The price of $159.99 for 20 months is about to expire you will want to get in now so you can have front row access to The Art of Holding Companies which is included in Hustler Undergrad.

See you on the inside.



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