How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

Percussive Therapy using a gun (aka a ) for neck & shoulder…



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37 thoughts on “How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

  1. Hi Dr. Jo, your videos are helpful. I get muscle spasm upper back couple of times a month due to bad posture. I don’t want to keep taking meds. I am contemplating to get a infrared heat pad or a gun massager.

  2. As a nurse, Good to make the point about coming around the sides to the front of the neck! Yes we don't need to massage those carotids!!! 😲 We'll leave that to the doctors in the hospital if needed -(God forbid!)

  3. I had a neck fusion in 2018 and I'm still suffering with severe neck stiffness and pain. Can a massage gun be used on your neck if you've had a fusion? I haven't been able to find any information out there on this topic. Please help 😢

  4. Is this definitely safe to use on the back of the neck? I use my massage gun on the lowest setting on my neck and I find it really helps but this is the only info I can find that says it's safe to use it on the neck? Thanks

  5. this massager helped my daughter like unbelieveable . She was paying $150 a week for massages but no more. This machine does the relief. I am thankful becasue it saves me moneu

  6. This is probably a stupid question, but I like to use mine on my cheek/jaw not far from my ear (where the upper and lower jaw are hinged). Is there any risk to my ear drum from the vibrations?

  7. Hi doctor jo,I watch your channel regular,I suffer from a clicky neck with pain in my shoulders on a daily basis,ive had it foe years,i have just purchased one of these guns and would like to know if this is a good thing for me to use or would it cause more flare ups,thanks for all your videos,keep up the good work😊

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