How To Slim Your Waist – The Truth About Obliques & Six Pack Abs

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42 thoughts on “How To Slim Your Waist – The Truth About Obliques & Six Pack Abs

  1. Get The Body You Deserve With Science:

    There are so many guys out there thinking that if they do oblique exercises, they grow to be so big that you'll have a huge-looking waist… When, in fact, training your obliques is the key to defining and toning your six pack abs for that ideal, aesthetic waistline. Thomas here with the science of how that all works. Check it out!

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  2. I already have a six pack I don’t have love handles just huge obliques😂 I’m trying to find a way to shorten them any suggestions? Body fat percentage is 12%

  3. Great video, I have neglected my abs and together with my bulk I have gained somewhat of a belly. I'm going to hit my obliques! Your physique is goals

  4. Bro, thanks for the videos.  I wasn't ever fat but I was skinny fat and didn't have any true definition.  Now, that is no longer the case.  Thank you for the motivation – it takes courage to put yourself out there.  Keep it up dude

  5. Awesome, thank you. I had actually stopped doing bicycle crunches (the first way showed) because I felt like they were doing nothing. Looking forward to trying the 2&2 method.
    What's the issue with doing lateral crunches to target the obliques? Is it going to wear down my back?

  6. Hey Thomas, love your content it’s really helped me out and change my life for the better; recently I’ve also been watching stuff from Dr. Rhonda Patrick that’s supercharged my training, nutrition and recovery. Thanks to watching both of you, I now can easily deconstruct and understand the scientifict jargon when going back and watching your vids. You should totally network with her if it’s possible and maybe do a few shows together. She’s super friendly, and beautiful, would defiantly draw a bigger crowd to both your audiences and the health scene. I’m just thinking of the possibilities if you two could team up and make your own show… she’s got her own podcast, first seen her from the JRE Podcast – incredible stuff. Thanks again for sharing your content! biomed science ftw!

  7. Good Morning Thomas,

    Do you have a video or have you done a video on reverse dieting?

    If not, can you do one on this channel or your other channel and explain how to reset the metabolism, specifically using keto, and then how to utilize that reboot phase to begin taking fats or calories down to lose fat/weight?

    I'm stuck in the 230's, love keto, but confused on what's best for me to get down to 180-190lbs as far as resetting with carbs or keto. I would prefer keto, but can transition to carbs as well.

    I'm 36, 5'11, 234lbs. I train hard 3 days a week for 1hr to 1hr 20 min each day. Includes up to 1hr strength training and 10min cardio.

    Thank you for the reply in advance.

  8. I've tried every way from Sunday to figure out an exercise that I can utilize that will help my waistline out. My number one issue is a back injury and a blown out spine. Even if I do leg raises lying flat on my back, the pain is just too much. Any suggestions that could help?

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