How to shrink your waist ? Tips and tricks for an aesthetic midsection

How to shrink your waist ? Tips and tricks for an aesthetic midsection

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What’s up guys? It’s, your boy Beatty, again with another video, and today I want to talk a topic that’s, been getting popular and bodybuilding in the last couple of years, probably partly since Shawn Rhoden won a mr.

Olympia and that’s how to shrink your waist or keep or keep your waist small or keep it small waist. While putting on sighs, I made a post on Instagram today and it was basically a before-and-after pic of my last prep.

I started that prep at about 285. In that picture I was about in the after picture before and after in the after picture. I was about two weeks out probably, and I was about 240 245 inch. Don’t quote me somewhere around there.

In my waist at strength from shrunk from a size 38 to the size, 29 and apparently people were really impressed by that. But I picture about a transformation and I got a ton of feedback that picture blue pretty much shattered.

All my comments and engage me records that I had on Instagram and uh. I figured uh if people are really that into the small waist or how to keep your ways small not make a video on it. You know I got a ton of DMS to the point that I couldn’t even keep up with it.

I probably I don’t, know 50 50 games. If that or more maybe so said, I just make a video for it. You know not posting on YouTube and party my IG story as well. So basically I want to preface this by this right.

I have small joints. Okay, I have narrow hips. I have small joints. I have small risks. You know saying small hips. All of that, so my bone structure is small. Okay, I have white clavicles oddly, but my actual bone structure is small, so I naturally have a small waist.

Okay, you can’t change. How wider hips are how big in joints are that you can’t change? Okay, so obviously I had the upper hand at five having a small way, but that’s, going from side to side right. So, no matter how big or how fat I get, I’m, always going to have small joints that’s, not gonna change, so that’s.

Gon na give me a obviously a huge advantage and having a small waist and keeping it small. So most guys you see with the crazy small waist it’s, usually genetic like Shawn Rhoden right, but even Shawn had one year where he had some distension.

So that shows you just because you have a genetically does it mean that’s, a surefire way to is just gonna stay small forever right, even Phil. He was known for his small tight waist when he started and, as you can see like top 18, he didn’t have the smallest waist, so it is.

It is a mission to keep it as well. You wan na make sure you keep it. So the first thing we might start with is a diet, and I think this is the biggest biggest part of the bubble gut. If you want to call it it’s, simply digestion, you know you ‘

Ve died. Let’s, talk about stage first, so before you step on stage most people carbon up right, they depleted their carbs. You know for a couple weeks and now they’re carbon up. So guys are you know at the pro level or at a high level, up our league in some people as high as thousand grams of carbs? The last couple days, obviously, when you do that you’re gonna, have some distension and then the stations on all travel.

They’re gonna, be there on stage which you don’t want so easy fix to that is don’t overdo the carb up, so instead of forcing 1,000 grams of carbs for two days. How about you spread that out? Okay, you’re, not gonna look any better by overdoing it for two days, rather than spreading it out to four days.

So what I like to do is instead of carving up just the Thursday and Friday before a show. I’ll, start carving up as early as Tuesday, depending how flattered I am. I might start carving up tuesday. So let’s say if I’m having 150 or 150 grams of carbs as the depletion right so on so on Tuesday I’ll just have 50 grams of carbs on every meal right, so 6 mils be looking At a about 300 grams of carb right 50 times six, so I saw a 200 grams of carbs for day.

One boom see how I look day. Two I’m, probably gonna be still be flat. You know saying so. If I’m still flat, I might, I might either upper a little bit, but I usually keep it 500 for the. I already know my body, so I kinda already have the formula, but you kind of have to go about fill calling that Wednesday.

I’ll, probably keep it 300 again boom Thursday, I usually double it from 300 to 600 boom see I look and then I don’t overdo it man and then uh Friday depend on how I look. Usually I keep it at 600, all right, along with maybe some rice krispie treats or something like that backstage to pump up, but usually I’ll, keep it 600 for Friday as well.

But if I’m flat, which has happened before I’ll, I might I might increase it to alright so 800. You know eight to eight hundred thousand only that one day, but usually he’s, not needed. You know saying if you give yourself four days is usually enough days to fill out what I’m having to overdo it, and you know, mess your stomach up.

Another thing is, I’ve tried loading on junk food. I’ve, tried loading on a bunch of sugary, sweets and stuff like that, and here’s, the thing whatever you’ve been dieting on that’s. What your body’s usually used to.

So me trying to do a bunch of Pop Tarts and Snickers and stuff like that. It just upset my stomach and I was just on a toilet non-stop backstage to the point. I started cramping up really bad, because when you have diarrhea you actually lose a lot of electrolytes, so you lose those electrolytes they could throw up.

I could throw off your electrolyte balance and you can start cramping up real bad, which is what happened me so to avoid that what you want to do is keep in the same foods. You’ve, been having the whole prayer, so don’t, go crazy with a bunch of honey and sugar and stuff like that on your carb up and pancakes, and all that keep it basic rice potato was oatmeal.

That’s, big all right and when I had diarrhea added it up happened to drink a bunch of Gatorade and it had some distension. Luckily, for me genetically have a small waist. I was able to hold it in no big deal.

Nobody noticed, but I kind of looked way better than show so yes, so died the very important how you digest the food. Okay, also digest an offseason wise. If you’re filling yourself with a bunch of junk food offseason put on body, fat is fine.

The body fat is not gonna affect the waist, but having a bunch of distension from a bunch of dairy and high inflammatory foods and having a stomach protruding. You know for months on months on months, every offseason for years and years and years will definitely definitely increase your waist size.

So that’s. What you want don’t want to do okay, so that just about covers the first. The first bullet point – I guess, which is diet in digestion, so be careful with offseason don’t overdo you can you can push the food but don’t overdo the junk and recipe that digestion too bad offseason cause a bunch of Inflammation that might carry on to your pre-contest look and pre-contest.

Do not overdo the carb up. Stick to the foods that your body agrees with, and your body’s been on the entire prep all right, and also before you step on stage don’t overdo don’t overdo the carb up. Okay, give yourself ample time to carb up and don’t, try to just shove it all in a couple of days and then shove, a bunch of insulin and stuff like that to try to supersede the process.

Don’t do that. Okay, that’s number one 10 jesting number two is gonna, be a training. So another way you can increase your waist size is a decrease increase. Your waist size is so let’s say somebody like me with a naturally smaller bone structure right.

They’re, having actually small waist. If I, if I add too much muscle on my obliques, that’s, gonna thicken, my waist okay, if my obliques get overly muscular, that’s gonna take in my waist okay, so that’s, muscle that’s, not bone structure.

Okay, easy way to take in your obliques is be using. Certain compounds like gh and insulin, definitely add some blow. I don’t think that’s, the main culprit of the bubble, guts. I do think it’s, actually the food, but the food and the slin kind of go hand in hand right.

They’re saying we eat a bunch of carbs. You take enough Slynt to match the carbs. You get super bloated, so good to stand it, so you want to be careful with that. Okay, so then that’s, the show far away um, I’ve, barely trained abs offseason, because off Ethan you’re in a gear and a growing phase, so your body is going.

Everything is going if you stay. If you sit stimulate the muscle, it will grow. So if I mean all these calories and stuff and uh, I’m, always in a surplus, I’m, always lifting heavy weights. I’m going.

I’m, going gone body’s constantly going. So if I go there and train abs every day, my hopes are gonna grow too. I do not want my apps to go. I don ‘ T need to have deep separator abs in the offseason.

I’m, not stepping on stage now season. Only pre-contest when you’re lean your abs for the show; okay, no need to over train the arms. Okay. I know I don’t train apps at all. If I feel like I’m pre conscious and they’re, not deep enough, I might train it ABS very light.

Every day, every other day, maybe the last six weeks that’s, it I don’t need the bulk and feed myself a bunch of calories and try to grow. My abs, offseason doesn’t, make sense. You don’t want big abs.

Okay, you want a flat stomach. If, if you’re lean, your absent show no need to have big bulky abscess to go. It’s, not necessary, so try not training abs in the offseason. Okay, if you are gonna train and do bodyweight, maybe once or twice a week max don’t know.

If we do it, then we use no waste. Don’t use no heavy waste. Don’t over stimulate it. Okay, if you want to train it just for control that’s, fine, but I actually recommend don’t, not train the absent offseason.

Okay, some people might not agree some of you might say. Yes, you should train it. Abs, an offseason to keep the control, but no no point, I half of control. If you have huge right so I would say don’t, try nap offseason, keep your pre-contest or when you’re like really mean okay, so don’t go to obliques.

A lot of people say that then lift heavy, squats and deadlifts can increase our waist. I never had that issue like I said I have an advantage by having a small ball bone structure. My wife’s, never grew from heavy squats and everyday lives.

And if you look at the golden era bodybuilders in those days, they did every squat. They they’d. Have you their lives? They didn’t have huge race, but if you’re, somebody who struggles with an injury, it’s already a big waste already.

Then you might have to be careful with that way about super-tight, maybe stick to more. Like rag pose and a Smith Machine squats, the Smith machine, you don’t really have to balance the weight and work your core as much.

So if you’re, choking it with a wide waist, stick the Smith machine, squats Smith, deadlifts! Really tight belt on rag poles and you can still get the same benefits from those movements without growing your obliques and making it race look bigger.

Like I said, I never had to worry about that because, because of my structure, but if you’re struggling with that, keep that in mind all right. So I think I covered everything training wise. So the last.

The last point in abs is uh AB restriction or AB control. So if you notice bodybuilders in the 90s would leave their belts on the entire workout, this wasn’t done because they thought they were gonna get a hernia from doing preacher curls.

This was done because they just like keeping the core tight and it worked whether or not you know that makes sense scientifically or not. This is not a science contest, you know, saying is what works.

Charlie, never tried. The proof is in the pudding: they all have small waist so wearing your belt, really tight throughout the workout, sometimes leaving it even longer after the workout and you ride home and all that can keep your waist smaller.

This works guys. I know it sounds a little kooky, but it works. It works similar to waist trainer. We all know we’re sure in his work. We should we’ve, seen the transformation in that the safest healthiest thing.

Probably not, but does it work and keeping it way small or getting your way smaller? Yes, it does so when strain is definitely work. Roelly winklaar has used it in the past. He said he’s done the one done him wonders.

I know Erica Nevsky, my boy, one of his preps or his last two preps. Actually he’s, worn a belt pretty much the entire workout, no matter what he’s training, I think. Sometimes they’re in cardio as well, and he would wear it on the ride home and everything gonna say and his race came down.

You know a lot, so I was restricting the stomach, definitely helps and honestly just sitting around like right. Now. I’m sitting down. You can’t, see my stomach, but I don’t, let my stomach. Hang I don’t care.

How happy I am how bloated I am. I don’t, let my stomach. Hang I don’t. I don’t have to think about it. Subconscious to me. I further. I don’t want people to see my stomach hanging. That’s like I guess the insecurity thing I’m, not scared to say that, but on top of that I also don’t want my stomach hanging from a you know.

For myself I don’t want my stomach just hanging, you know saying and expanding, so I’ve, always done it. Since I was a kid that’d, be nice, not a teenager. I would always hold my stomach for somebody’s.

Not it was. It was a thing and it actually benefits me. I believe you know thing so. The restriction training helps for sure belts, waist trainers, whatever want to call it even just manually. Holding your stomach definitely helps.

I also practice vacuums during their mouth. My perhaps I do vacuums do vacuums every time I practice posing close in to the show. I start practice imposing maybe twice three times a day: it’s, not even planned.

It just happens. I just start posing in my head and I get these ideas and supposing, but I always in vacuums, vacuum vacuum vectors every day. Okay, how practice the practice it imposes those I don’t just stand there and hit vacuums against the wall.

I literally practice my pose and boats imposing. So I’ll. Do my front of a bicep vacuum from last relaxed vacuum, absent, thighs vacuum and I just practice it and that’s, the great way to keep the waist down.

Okay, I think I just about covered everything, diet, digestion, training, stomach restriction via belt race, trainer, posing yeah. It’s, just just about everything. So if you wan na get your waist smaller or you want to keep your own way small, just to recap, a few things is you: diet in digestion have to be on point.

Don’t have food that don ‘ T agree what you don’t offer carbo for competitions. Keep that stomach flat. Don’t train abs in the offseason pre-contest. Still don’t train it with weights, just stimulate it a little bit, keep it pushing body weight stuff that’s.

It don’t train obliques at all. You do not want to train your obliques. Do not don’t do that. Ok, leave your briefs alone, ok and then the third one was hardware and belts during your workout nice and tight throughout the whole workout.

You can even do a waist trainer if that’s in the cards. For you, I’ve. Never personally, didn’t that, but I’ve, seen it work for other people and don’t. Let your stomach hang man when he’s sitting. There hold your stomach in don’t.

Let that [ __ ] hang out all the time hold it in it’s. Not you can hold it in on the old day, for you have to okay don’t. Let any girl like that huh and if you compete practice you pose in practice and vacuums, you might not be able to hit it.

I thought genetically. I couldn’t hit a factory or whatever that means for years. I would see people in vacuum. I can’t. Do it. I don ‘ T know why I can’t. Do it. I don’t, have a vacuum in me and guess what I kept practicing it, and eventually I was able to pull a vacuum and I was able to pull it deeper and deeper the more I practice having practiced for over a year now.

So I probably can’t hit it right now, but if I practice in practice, I’ll be able to hit it. The leaner I get I’ll, be able to pull it tighter and tighter the more I practice. Even tighter and tighter – and you can do it – anybody can do it now.

I’m, convinced cuz, all the last one that I thought that I could actually hit it in out get a vacuum. So those are three checkpoints to keep your way small or get you a smaller. I hope I was able to help you guys if you like this video make sure to LIKE comment.

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