How to Self Mobilize Your Pelvis

So maybe you’ve been to a , or seen a adjusting video, where you’re…



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40 thoughts on “How to Self Mobilize Your Pelvis

  1. It wasn’t a lot of relief but oh my god the fact that it helped at all is amazing. I’ve watched a few of your adjustment and stretch videos and they’re informative, and to the point. Keep up the good work.

  2. I've been craking or popping my own pelvis for since i was 14 and i am now 18. At first i am lying down but now i can do it while standing, i did not know it was normal until i watch this cause my friends say it was wierd.

  3. 8 hours ago I tried this and didn't crack it literally but it relieved my back to the point i got dizzy and fell in sleep! Man what a relief
    P.s: I've been awake for 2 hours and I've had a good sleep

  4. Hello I could have used these info clips many many years ago. When I was around 3 I had a very high fall landing on my left pelvis area near my hip. I couldn't walk for a long time and the doctors back then thought I had Leg Perthis. I wore them braises on my legs and hips for about 9 years. Then one evening I got the chance to go cast netting with my grandfather and while in the water learning to throw the net ( without braises ) I threw the net and heard and felt a loud hard crack that nearly left me crying out in the water. My Grandfather came over to me and helped me to walk to the bank. As I stepped out of the water – I could hold my weight on that left leg. I have suffered all my life and I've been to multiple doctors but none could stop the bones from moving apart again and the pain was allways excruciating my entire life. Doctors couldn't fix the problem back then and tonight a friend on Facebook sent me a website on the issue with the sacrilliac joint called SI Joint. Sometimes when I would pick up something a bit heavy and start to walk with it my left leg would loose all control and fold up under me. In the info sent tonight it shows a surgery where 3 small cuts are made and pieces of triangle metal are attached to the SI Joint fussing it from pinching the nerves. I believe I'm getting this surgery done after April 27th when I get my second dose of the Moderno Vaccine. Pain has been with me all my life and I will turn 53 in May. What a Birthday present to finally be pain free

  5. I got a muscle tightening down my back of my leg so I think my sciatica nerve is pintched or touching idk but I didn't like that feeling and I pulled as far as I can go but I'm afraid ima break my back of something its hurts and I don't want to risk damaging something

  6. I just have to say that I disagree with the irresponsibility of the videos you make about "self-mobilization". Without diving further, I hope you understand why I said that.

  7. This is where most of my lower back pain is, I had a chiropractor adjust it for a whole year and it was amazzinnnggg

  8. Excellent video! I always have this pain and weekly need a chiro visit; just went again today. My pain is always on bending over. I work in health care so I have a lot of strain on my back with patients. I'm hoping I can use this method next time I need an adjustment – probably next week 🙂 Thank you so much for this.

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