How to SELF Crack the Upper and Middle Back

Does your upper and middle feel locked up and tight and it just feels like it needs to…



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29 thoughts on “How to SELF Crack the Upper and Middle Back

  1. My hyper kyphosis is so painful, I have a technique in which I lie on my back as you're doing with a certain part of my back over something hard like that roller but I don't roll. I use my body weight to try and "straighten" my spine by slightly dropping my body, if that even makes sense. It pops good & relief lasts about an hour then pain comes back.

  2. Unbelievable! I've never been to a chiropractor but stopped being able to crack my back years ago by simply arching while standing! I don't have a foam roller but I just tried this by tightly rolling up my yoga mat and that actually worked! I'm definitely going to grab a real foam roller and I can't believe how much better I instantly feel. Thank you so much! 💜

  3. Wow I've been trying for days to get my back to pop. I was doing it nearly right but as soon as I extended my arms it finally released and popped. Thank you so much. You are definitely better than B & B as their stuff I find never works. Keep going 💪 you're doing amazing stuff. It has really helped me during covid where here in the UK we are still under restrictions

  4. I did this last night and I am in pain I can’t turn my head to any direction I need to move my upper body to do it yes my back cracked when I did the roller but why does my upper back hurt I didn’t have this pain 🙁

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