How to Self Adjust Your Chest AND Front Ribs | Costochondritis Treatment

Dr. Rowe shows how to SAFELY self adjust your bone (sternum) and front ribs.




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27 thoughts on “How to Self Adjust Your Chest AND Front Ribs | Costochondritis Treatment

  1. So, I've been going to a Primary Care DO for the last few years for her to manipulate my rib back in. Never once did she let me know that I could do this myself. I picked up something that I shouldn't have about 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to get in with my Dr so I went to a chiropractor. He had not heard of a rib popping but decided that it had to do with my spine so he has worked on my back twice. Never my rib. Yesterday I ended up at the ER. The Dr there of course had never heard of a rib popping out and working it back in. Thank you for this video and your help! It's so good to know that I can now do this myself and get some tried. I just sent your video to my 4 daughters who know what I have been going through.

  2. FINALLY!!! For years I've been struggling with this chest pain and restricted movements, everytime I try to reach or stretch for something I'll feeling this sharp pain in my chest. So yesterday I got so frustrated with it that I decided to search YouTube for some help and saw this video, tried it the first time and it was soo uncomfortable and painful, tried it again and it popped a little and the third time it hurt but also popped. Instantly I felt a huge relief in my chest. I went cycling with my friend and for the first time, bending over holding on the handle didn't bother me at all. Thank you sir, what other exercises can continue doing to make sure it doesn't happen again?

  3. Hello Dr. Rowe,
    I have a question. I was sparring with someone and got hit with an uppercut to the ribs on my left side. I took x rays and all is well. But i have this radiant pain around to my back when i push in my front ribs. It also feels like it hurts underneath my ribs. Maybe my spleen… It could be a nerve but i have a feeling it needs to be popped back in. Can you give me some insight on this please?

  4. Why can't I seem to find doctors like this that want to actually help me. Every Doctor I've been to is so quick to prescribe medicine or tell me it's most likely the anxiety causing me all this debilitating discomfort.

  5. Your a lifesaver had a bad costo flare up and this has helped massively! Didn't get a pop but tension gone. Thankyou mate and keep spreading the word on how to fix this condition 💪

  6. I've got no pain or anything there, but can feel a slight lump , I'm assuming it's my chest bone, is it normal to be able to feel it stick out slightly and should I be worried, as I'm not quite sure if it's always been there, or just came on, I just assumed it was normal,

  7. Would this work with a costal cartilage strain, I have a bony lump/protrusion which my physio said was a costal cartilage strain or separation any stretches for that?

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