how to reduce tummy fat with just 1 ingredient ginger-how to lose belly fat naturally with ginger

water if taken regularly helps in losing or reducing belly fat in just few weeks with a…


41 thoughts on “how to reduce tummy fat with just 1 ingredient ginger-how to lose belly fat naturally with ginger

  1. It doesn't seem to be with just one ingredient. Anyhow, thanks for the info. however, can you kindly advise whether we can preserve it in the fridge & have it daily or every time we need to make it afresh & drink. Btw, suppose if you say we can preserve & also drink daily like that means, what do we need to heat it & drink or directly we can drink? Kindly advise me, so that it could help many, like me. Thanks a lot…

  2. i had so much belly fat when i was 20, i didnt know how to get rid of it untill i had help from a specialist, i can share my story with you if you want

    its free i want to help as much people as possible

  3. THNAKU mera weight 78 kg tha or uski wajah se mujhe itnI PROBLEMS hoti thi ki pucho mat . WEIGHT jyasa hone ke karan mujhe kuch acha bhi nhi lagta tha fir kisi ne btaya ki planet ayurveda jao. maine bhi socha chlo ik bar try kr leta hu. jb maine vhaan se dwai start ki to mera weight loss hua. ab mera weight 63 kg hai. thanks planet ayuvreda.

  4. Im trying to gain my weight but need to lose belly fat. Will it be good for me as well or should i avoid it as im trying to gain weight. Im confused here

  5. Kind heart video for everyone to see I was suffering from many diseases due to overweight & i use various medicines but have no improvement. My friend call and suggest me to use thinner you pack of planet ayurveda along with some home remedies for last 4 months and i get very positive results.

  6. I am using lemon juice instead of lemon extract and its y first day using this method. Could someone let me know if i need to use the extract or is lemon juice fine??

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