HOW TO REDUCE BELLY FAT – Jillian Michaels

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30 thoughts on “HOW TO REDUCE BELLY FAT – Jillian Michaels

  1. I need to tighten my lower abdomen and pray that it lifts my lower belly. After 4 babies, I have never looked the same in my belly….it isn't the fat for me, it is the way that I store the fat…💙💙💙

  2. Belly fat has little to do with testosterone. What rubbish. Men and women have different hormone profiles and fat storage patterns are different as a result. Fat is stored for two reasons: Consuming too much food (maintaining a positive energy balance) and consuming too many refined carbs. Refined carbs raise blood sugar. This drives the release of insulin. Insulin is the fat storage hormone. Weight training is effective for building and maintaining muscle but it isn’t effective in reducing fat, at least not quickly. The best way to reduce fat is moderate aerobic exercise conducted for long durations (2h per day, every day)

  3. Your awesome, i am overweight, i am going to a gym now doing running outside, iv learned what you just talked about over time. Took years to learn and finally implemented.

  4. I guess I’m confused
    I do belly workout and I reduce my Belly fat. Same when I do arm work out 💪🏽 I see results. So I can reduce weight loss in certain spots..
    The video is helpful in some parts, but I guess I have to listen again to understand what she really is saying🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. For me it’s definitely alcohol and stress. I quit drinking, starting eating toast with almond butter and fruit for breakfast I intermittent fast eating window 12-7pm oh and yoga I love yoga now and I’m shrinking feels good. 🙂 never got my hormones checked.

  6. Here's a simple breakdown. Your diet has to be right and you need to weight train+intense cardio. Point 1. Be at a calorie deficit (not extreme about 200 calories or so) or median. Eat whole foods. I don't care if it's vegan , paleo, keto etc.. There are whole foods version of all. As long as your doing whole foods your good. Get sleep because fatigue causes your brain to trigger hunger when really you're body is craving rest. Drink plenty of water. Same rule for sleep applies to water. You could be dehydrated instead of hungry. Weight train. Muscle increases basic metabolism levels. I.E. you can eat more without gaining fat. Do cardio. If you want the fat burn process to increase you have to lift and do cardio. Intense is preferable. Also, understand there's a difference between weight and fat. So don't live by the scale. Pay more attention to health measurements, body measurements and mirror more than scale. Oh, and stay away from sugar. Sugar is worse for you than alcohol because it's literally in almost everything we eat from bread to frozen veggies. Carbs are good, but not all are good. Broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes are obviously better than white rice (which oddly raises insulin which stores fat, which is what sugar does). And don't be afraid of fat. It keeps you satiated.

  7. She needs to read more; you lose belly fat by fasting/time restricted eating, thus reducing the number of times a day insulin is flooded into your system. Belly fat is the visible result of insulin resistance and metabolic disorder. Mindless and frequent eating of crappy processed and fast foods and washing the crap down with sugary, super-sized drinks is the cause of belly fat. Give your digestive system a break, eat within a window (once a day even, if you can manage it) and no more after that. The fat around your liver will be burned (instead of glucose stores); then you'll see the outward belly fat shrink. It's simple, you control it, and if you exercise and move a bit, it's gravy (you'll also look better, feel great and be healing yourself from inside out). The medical and diet industries know this, but of course they won't tell you because the money is in the endless pursuit of just the right diet and exercise regimen and the prescribing of pharmaceuticals for all the "gifts" of insulin resistance – high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, cancers…

  8. Everyone is at different places in their life, if you have clicked on this video it's because you was drawn in by the title…….. yes if your looking for a quick solution it's not here basically what you were told about exercise, nutrition and fasting….. Do It there isn't a easy button.

  9. Hello and “Thank you”, I’m a vegetarian is soy bad for premenopausal females. I do consume fish once a week so not strict veggie. I don’t like my pooch, love my kid though .

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