How to Perform Reps for Most Muscle Growth

Should you be lifting heavy weights as fast as possible or light weights with a slow controlled…


39 thoughts on “How to Perform Reps for Most Muscle Growth

  1. Finally, a video that is not just about ''size, size, size". It's because that what people ask for, but please post more about power ,.Or include what tweaks, for functionality/ efficiency and power only, to make in your "get bigger X" videos.

  2. Jeff can't draw a straight line. Muscle imbalance in the indextus fingerus. Needs to train his fingers more to correct that.

  3. Jesus christ I couldn't make it two minutes into this video with those cringey ass robot sounds. So many other great vids…why'd ya have to add that…smh

    Also the graph at 9:00 would better be drawn with two separate upward sloping (linear, left-to-right) lines: the first (poor form, red color) starting low on the intensity scale (towards bottom of graph); the second (controlled form, green color) starting high on the intensity scale (same slope but towards top of graph, above the first drawn slope). It would be more applicable/comprehensible to explain to other people that way because no matter how sh***y the form, the intensity will increase regardless as repetitions increase (although starting at MUCH lower intensity obviously, as described by Jeff).

  4. Loved the breakdown on the graph. He must be a legitimate kinesiologist with the way he explained everything. I wish I had him as a teacher for conditioning in high school 😂

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