HOW TO GROW YOUR BOOTY! Workouts, What to Eat, & Top Tips

the complete guide, including exercises for a bigger , what to eat…


34 thoughts on “HOW TO GROW YOUR BOOTY! Workouts, What to Eat, & Top Tips

  1. Happy sunday babiesss 💛 I hope this video was able to clarify Booty growth for you! You can shop my very own supplement line here:
    1. PROTEIN IS ESSENTIAL FOR BOOTY GAINS (take this post workout)
    2. BCAA'S Help with muscle recovery and growth as well (take this during the workout)
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  2. Just speaking from personal experience, removing carbs from my diet and working out in ketosis helps keep me energized and see more benefits.

  3. I've read research that says you shouldn't go over 1.1-1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The body absorbs 6 grams of protein per hour, with Whey protein it can absorb 9 grams of protein per hour. So having so much protein is not necessary. It's also good to check your BMR and decide on your caloric surplus thereafter.

  4. Your such a good influence for people,cause like your super positive and I think you are really clear in your workout and in the talking,but mostly I’d say you really want people to have a goal where it’s healthy and not just loose weight and have a perfect body,you want people to be healthy and good in their skin!That’s why your my favorite influencer and why I love your videos!#girlyougotitall❤️

  5. Hey guys💕 How does everyone track the Macro Percentages: Fats, Proteins, Carbs is there an app for this 🙃Help haha 😆 Im going to start working out everyday but adjusting my eating habits first! If anyone has any advice its much appreciated ^.^

  6. I workout my bootie daily twice a day and butt is GROWING. I take 3 suppliments, eat certain foods and eat in a 200 calorie surplus at least 4 days a week. I eat protien foods even as snacks (shakes, pumpkin seeds, eggs, fish), high fiber foods. I eat bananas or strawberries plums or apples. I eat carrots, spinach, one small serving of potatoes or pasta, broccoli or mixed veggies.

  7. I need to loose some weight , I have a lot of fat in my body but I don't know if I should do some diet first (nothing extreme) and do a lot of cardio and THEN do this to build muscles especially on my glutes and belly or if I can do cardio and also do this workout and still eating a lot of calories as she said, I'm not sure if that is gonna help me loose weight or not since I'm gonna be eating more calories than losing idk if I'm explaining this well but hope someone can help me out with this question!

  8. Hey beauty! So I watched this whole video twice and I love all of it! Quick question so I have a stomach and a butt BUT IM TRYING TO LOSE MY BELLY FAT AND GAIN MORE GLUTES! Do you have a video on how to do this? Please and thank you!!

  9. I had trouble creating my own diet, I’m new and my main goal is to build muscle and what works for me the keto diet that I got from . I’ve been using it for a couple of months and It’s been working for me, I don’t know if it works to lose weight but It has the option to. Don’t lose motivation! I learnt that discipline is key I hope it helps 🙂

  10. Hi!! Love your videos, I had a quick question, is it possible to build booty while losing weight? Or i have to lose weight and then bulk for booty? Thanks in advance!!! ❤

  11. Hey I've been questioning about this I really wanna start working out to have a flat stomach and small waist but also a big booty but the thing is I'm a teenager so I'm still developing I have absolutely no idea where to start should I first try to grow my booty or aim for a flat stomach/small waist? And what would you recommend for me to eat in a day I really don't know what to do

  12. hey Vicky I had a question..I've been struggling with this for a long time so I either loss alot of weight and the lose my booty OR I gain alot of weight with eating more and weigh training more I want to stay in the middle with the slim thick figure I'm wither skinny fat or thick with extra weight…please help!!!

  13. Omg I love you😭. Your such a mood! Your humor in your videos is what gives me my motivation to workout and have a healthy/positive mindset! So thankful for your videos and you! Let’s get these gains gurllll😜!!

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