How to grow bigger butt and hips| no surgery, no exercise

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Grow bigger butts and hips in less than a…


32 thoughts on “How to grow bigger butt and hips| no surgery, no exercise

  1. Hey Rose, I'm back with a 1 Week Update.😄 I know that I should wait until 2 weeks, but I just can't wait. I'm seeing results already! I'm so happy. Thank you so much. I've been drinking the smoothie and using the onion home remedy you recommended. The results are amazing. 👌✨

  2. That booty creases at the bottom is what I want.(not sure if its even possible). Like everyone says I got a booty but I recently lost weight tryna, lose this Mommy tummy.. and along w that I lost my thickness. My goals to be like 145-150 I'm
    5'3. Gonna try this

  3. What are the ingredients of the shake though? Thank you so much for making this video. I have a butt but you have a BUTT 😲😲😲😲. If you can send me the ingredients at this email please

  4. I really like this video for purely scientific purposes only of course, now although I dnt want a bigger booty, I've def wanted to find a protein shake that I could enjoy, and this one sounds yummy 😋!

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