HOW TO GET STARTED AT THE GYM | 2 ROUTINES + 10 TIPS | Beginner’s Guide to the Gym |

Hey guys! Back with another highly requested video on how to get started at the as a…


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  1. TIPS.

    Tip #1: Plan Ahead and Research.
    Tip #2: Be consistent!
    Tip #3: Have playlists that get you pumped up.
    Tip#4: Find gym clothes that you like.
    Tip #5: Avoid peak hours at first.
    Tip #6: Be realistic about results.
    Tip#7: Repetition is key.
    Tip #8: Let your body rest.
    Tip #9: Free weights or machines are both okay- use what's best for you.
    Tip #10: Fuel your body. You feel weak for a reason.

  2. All I have to ask is ladies what do yall wear under your gym legging so you no one noticed the lining of your panties. I can't figure it out.

  3. i have a doubt actually we should do each workout for 1min instead of reps ryt , thn y all r doing in reps each workout i have asked this question everyone but no one answered me to this question atleast u answer me plz say me that each workout should we do for 1min or reps , plz answer me dear plz

  4. Thank you Chloe! I was so confused with what to do at the gym since I was worried my combo of workouts wouldn't work for me and I would waste my time but these seem like some effective workouts with which I can slowly increase the weight and grow stronger. I'll be needing you for an intermediate guide as well!

  5. Hey chloe how are you?
    Thank you so much for your content it’s really helpful.
    I wanted to ask you, do i first burn fat then build muscles or do i do it both together?
    Thank you again

  6. Very good point on repetition: many people see repetition as something negative because they don’t know about the mind-body connection Chloe described so well. I don’t agree with the advice about “do not think” – that’s what the brain does. And trying to stop the thoughts will only make the thoughts arise more. It’s the negative thoughts that need to be worked upon: countering them with a neutral thought and two positive thoughts at the gym means you will be working both on your mind and the body.

  7. Hey babe, could do a video with recommendations for someone that wants to start going to the gym but has really bad knees/surgery? Much love!!🥰

  8. On my first day at the gym i went straight to the treadmill to warm up ( I was already experienced) and there was a boy on a machine I wanted to use after. He wasn't working out he was just sitting there for a half hour. I was constantly looking over to check if he left. I guess he thought I was checking him out because he started to stare at me. Let's say it was a bit awkward

  9. Hi cloe, I'm under pre Male to female transition, so I want to reduce my muscular body. I have a very good arms and forearm, I want my arms and forearms to look like a average female, can you help me how can I achieve it.

  10. hi Chloe can u please make a video for like ppl who want to lose body fat . Like a schedule with weight training and cardio,like what we should do .

  11. I'm about 2 months-ish into going to the gym and I've been forcing myself to wear skin-tight leggings because it's the only thing I see others wear to the gym. I know the tip to dress like you want to seem pretty obvious but I genuinely thought there was no way I could wear good "gym" clothing that was baggy. Maybe I just have to do more research. Leggings for me just isn't the right thing atm I think

  12. I just recently got my gym membership and I'm nervous as hell to go back since my health assessment (my coach wrecked me, nearly puked while doing the assessment. lol. I think it's my fault too since I went while I'm on my fasting period since I'm on IF). All the tips you said inspired me more to go back and start again. Aiming for a leaner and stronger self this 2019. Looking forward to more videos from you. Love from Philippines <3

  13. thank you so much for this video ive been looking everywhere for a basic workout like this to get started! anyone looking to copy and paste the workout to follow at the gym here it it!:

    Lower Body Workout: (3 sets 8-12 reps)

    1. Stationary Lunges (with dumbbells)

    2. Romanian Deadlifts

    3. Squat (with weight)

    4. Glute Bridges (with plate or dumbbell)

    5. Side Leg Raises (with plate or dumbbell)

    Upper Body Workout: (3 sets 8-12 reps)

    1. Incline Push Up (or knee push ups)

    2. Assisted (or Australian Pull Up

    a. +30kg

    3. Dumbbell Chest Press

    4. Lateral Raise

    5. Triceps Kickback

    thanks again!

  14. Hi Chloe! I was wondering how tall you are? I want to order leggings from gymshark but I’m pretty short and are scared they’ll be too long. Love your videos!

  15. I will be going to the gym today FOR THE FIRST TIME, and I'm freaking out a bit. But somehow I'm just so motivated to go to vent the stress out and feel good about myself. Wish me luck!

  16. In my gym the first time you start going they build you a program based on what is your goal (muscles growth, fat lost ect..) and the first time they follow you step by step in your entire workout. For newbies I think it's no harm to ask before you sign in if they give this possibility 😉

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