How To Get Slim Thighs in 9 Minutes

There are a lot of ways you can burn thigh fat and some of these routines are included in…


49 thoughts on “How To Get Slim Thighs in 9 Minutes

  1. Heyy guys I'm starting today…
    Day 1. Done and was fine
    Day 2. Done don't see much of a difference Done 2 times
    Day 3. Didi it ine see no difference
    Day 4. Done

  2. IT WORKS!!! i’ve been doing this everyday for only 4 days and i’ve lost about two inches on each thigh ! i started at around 21 1/2 on left and right and now i’m down to 19 1/2 ! small progress is still progress!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Day 1: ✅
    Okay I did say one and I was a bit sweaty and out of breathe but it was definitely a workout! I’ll try to update y’all! I did this before eating breakfast even though it’s noon hehhe. And I don’t plan to go on that big of a diet.

  4. I do believe that u could see a difference if u skip the breaks and do it everyday for like 3 weeks and lose some weight but if u do it with the breaks and have bad eating habits I don’t think it will work because you body calms down during the breaks and it doesn’t burns

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