How To Get A FLAT STOMACH | Secrets & Tips to Lose Lower Belly Fat

How to lose fat, build muscle, and get lean so that you can have a (resource…


27 thoughts on “How To Get A FLAT STOMACH | Secrets & Tips to Lose Lower Belly Fat

  1. This should literally be the very first thing we need to know when going on the health and weight loss journey. Out of all the videos I've watched in the past 15+ years, I wish this one would've been the first one.

    Well, new beginnings ☺️

  2. My body still looks the same and I have been working out for a couple of weeks but that can be from being inconsistent I think so idk what to do about my weight 🙁

  3. There are some good points here, however you are mis informing thousands of woman. Please do some research!
    The pouch is NOT your uterus. Your uterus is tucked behind the pelvic bone and is NOT visible and does NOT affect the shape of your belly!
    Please, correct yourself because it really dims your credibility as a professional. Any doctor and surgeon or anyone educated on the human body will tell you the uterus is NOT the cause of a stomach pouch.
    The pouch is fat which is there to protect your organs, it is essential and totally normal. Some woman store more than others for hormonal reasons. Woman store more than men due to genetics. This is why some woman always have a small pooch, it is totally normal, healthy and beautiful.

  4. As someone with chronic illnesses active viral infections with a sprinkle of autoimmune diseases which all cause chronic fatigue and generalized pain I find it more important to do core strengthening than when I was healthy. It takes energy U don’t have but if done people like me feel better with less pain.

  5. I also think I started obsessing a bit about stomach/abs and if I keep this up I might loose all the fun. I started going 5 days/w to the gym loving it. Now bought a mat and sweating pushing myself at home too for that tummy. To keep consistency we have to enjoy the process . Having an end goal as a motivation is not key, u are telling yourself what u don`t have and will never feel like u reach the goal. The goal should be lika a compass. The process, enjoying the workout, -being present (the thing itself) will generate it's own motivation.. Forgot that!.. -*better Ideas

  6. This is the bests video i`ve seen on this topic, thanx! Actually I think I have an organ "poking out" in my middle section of the upper ribcage. Casue I told a guy too feel how hard my abs were getting (lol) he touched a bit more up and said "I don't have that". And Ive always had that.. I just said, maybe it's cause my back is all curved? Got that african body type slight curved spine and that good booty sticking out hehe.

  7. I really need help- I am 13 years old, I range in the high 130s, and I'm 5'5. I have an eating disorder which will make me either almost never eat or binge eat, I feel trapped in my body and my motablism is trash. I work out every single day and I strength train and have been doing that for almost a year, I feel like nothing will ever be enough and I want to eat more but I dont know how without gaining weight

  8. I have a chronic illness that has caused me to get fat, and no matter how much I diet I can’t lose the weight. I can’t exercise consistently because of the illness either. I was skinny my whole life. Now I don’t recognize myself.

  9. I love your videos, in a world that Shames women for having a natural body and not going under the knife, your information is always on point and so helpful! Thank you for all your helpful videos you really break down the science of fitness it’s amazing.

  10. What helped me get toned stomach-
    I ate excessive calories while doing heavy hyperthrophy training (so, not planking, but ACTIVE rapid muscle growth abs exercises) for about a month + . No cheat days, no skip days, ACTIVE core body days and active stomach abs days. Then later I did a small 4-9 days of "cutting", I ate mostly lean animal proteins and had black coffee with green vegetables while doing simple little exercises with shoulders and muscle toning (core body, fullbody) to boost cutting. I used to be quite slim too, dreamt of washboard abs- lost some fat and got washboard ribs showing through my skin instead….yikes. Pointy bones on my shoulders. Simple truth is- if there's nothing to show underneath your skin, then there will be no definition, lol. You gotta build that muscle first.

  11. It's crazy how much I needed to hear this, I've been trying to lose weight, going to the gym, dropping the calories etc and was ready to go to the extreme but this has convinced me to calm down and just stick to getting lean as possible.

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