How To Get A Bigger Butt At Home: 2 Week Big Booty Challenge (I Saw Results Within 5 Days)


Hi Family I Love You Family

This Is A Two Week Big Challenge!

And Of…


17 thoughts on “How To Get A Bigger Butt At Home: 2 Week Big Booty Challenge (I Saw Results Within 5 Days)

  1. I have a decent sized booty, like you can tell its there but with some pants and shirt combos it looks flat af. My bf and I have been talking for a while now about it cause even tho he loves it he wants me to be happy. I want to start this tomorrow with the smoothie and workouts because I want a bigger booty and I want some more confidence with it 😊❤. Btw I just started watching your videos less than an hour ago and I love you so much you have such good vibes 😍

  2. I have an okay butt, but i have thighs that make me look like i have a flat booty. i’m going to do this with some workouts to help with the thigh problem. i’m forgetful but ill try and update in 2 weeks. thank you for posting this ya booty poppin’
    welp i forgot, don’t come for answers cause im still flat as shi 😀

  3. Heeyyy I see u be replying to otha people stuff so I want a bigger booty I’m fat but I want a big butt and to lose my stomach so would this help losing stomach fat as well and also should I try doing these workouts with this exercise waist thing I got .?

  4. I know it’s late but I stated doing this instead of 10 I try to do 20 on each legs n 50 squats 😭😭 along with this booty enchantment cream . Girl let me tell u it’s day two n I’m bout to quit because they way my butt hurt 😂 I can’t even sit to pee😂😂😂. I guess it bout to be flat ass kenox for the rest of my life 😂😂

  5. I was harassed when I was very young and I am a guy… like possibly 4-7 age. I purposely lost it but since I've been single for a long time… i think i want it back.

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