How to get a bigger butt & ACTUALLY get results | GLUTE ACTIVATION

ACTIVATION is absolutely KEY to growing your glutes! This is how you will get a bigger…


45 thoughts on “How to get a bigger butt & ACTUALLY get results | GLUTE ACTIVATION

  1. Hey question, since gyms reopen and I have started dedicating two days a week to lifting heavy for Booty. I make sure I have a high protein diet and have a caloric deficit of -200 calories. I know it’s going to take time to see results but I was wondering if you think that doing cardio will hinder my results because I do enjoy running and jump roping which I’ve been using as an active recovery. In addition do you think I should be eating a positive deficit or maintenance calories? This video was super helpful also!

  2. I have the body type where I put on muscle easily, but that also means I lose fat too quickly in places where I’d rather not lose fat, mostly hips and butt. So hopefully I can keep the shape I like with targeted workout while still doing what I want to do

  3. Ok I have been doing glute activation combined with all leg day workouts … countless RDL’s… squats.. splits squats!
    And it’s still flabby and shapeless! I have watched every one! HELP! This is my first video of yours and I’m hopeful again!

  4. Do i do it daily before any workout?
    Like what I mean is that I have leg day, arms day then abbs day, Do I do this activation before each and everyone of those exercise daily? Please help

  5. Can you just add in an extra rep of one of your glute workouts without bands for glute activation? Also, in your challenges, are glute activations incorporated or should we do these before?

  6. Day 1: not as hard as I thought. The only challenge I faced was my arms. THEY WERE ACHING it’s either I’m too heavy or I just have chicken arms 🤷‍♀️

  7. This 100% absolutely workssssssssss
    I saw instant results and I have curves and a booty h-o-w-e-v-e-r
    By adding these simple steps in before any of my workouts my glutes have taken a mind of their own and my waist is loving it…. thanks sis!

  8. If anyone is interested in getting a bigger bottom the greatest info that ive ever had was by following the Magic bottom blueprint (just google it) – definately the no.1 natural method that I've tried.

  9. Not only do you need to do exercises but if youre skinny you need to up your weight and increase your protein intake. Whereas if youre over weight you need to eat less but increase protein intake. Diet and exercise ALWAYS goes hand in hand. Don't expect a big butt if you're not on the right diet.

  10. Only One of my glutes feels sore, lol. The right glute is bigger then the other one… help! How do I fix it? Do I do more reps in one glute? Or how do I activate the left one.

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