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howdy, guys welcome again to my channel as throughout the display screen. Thanks for clicking on this video. Please be sure to subscribe. If you have not and let’s get proper into the video. So the very first thing you are, be needing is cooked oats or two helps improve the scale of your pots and the scale of your heaps.

You have, additionally been kneading milk and likewise condensed. Milk, milk basically helps improve your measurement down there. You additionally been consuming honey. Honey could be very skinny to extend your portland and likewise we add boyd egg, and likewise on the automotive door, which is an power buda, a Mazel buda in terms of the glutes and, lastly, your bananas, so good to begin off.

I am, going to prep my fruits. So now I will, be peeling the banana, and after I’m executed peeling it I’ll slice it into little chunks, together with the avocado and the egg as a result of I can’t eat all of the vaca dough.

I’ll simply slice it into twig for home and use one half for my meal. So that is what the fruits and the egg appear like. I slice them into little chunks, and that is so stunning and wholesome. On the identical time.

So now I am. Bringing my cooked oats and I will, be including honey to it so guys I will, simply be taking 1 tablespoon of honey and including to the oats [ , ], [ Applause, ], [, ,, ], [ Applause, ], [, ,, ].

So guys Nationwide Boy had so as to add is my milk [ , ], so that’s for ending touches. I’ll add my banana. I am, going so as to add avocado, pear and likewise my egg ought to ice. My boys meals with numerous goodies, and this can be a wholesome breakfast to develop your each measurement, so I will even be together with the milk drink, and this can be a wholesome, nice quick, certainly improve your each measurement to extend your hips and likewise burn stomach fats.

[, , ], so guys this video is in respect to the final video I did on tips on how to improve your bod measurement and your hips. I blended the whole lot collectively, however on this one I am, displaying you how one can even have it with out mixing, as a result of clearly I could not stand or I can not stand mixing egg into an avocado banana an oat.

So I made a decision to do that different means. It really works each methods you possibly can select to do it the mixing course of and take it as a smoothie or you possibly can resolve to take it as a complete meal like this. It is all going to wake.

The goal is simply to extend your each measurement and your hips with out stomach, fats or additional fats in your physique, and that is what this meal goes to offer you a fast , please train endurance whereas doing this, it’s best to see ends in 1 days.

Do not come to my remark part and say it is, a lies not working. That is medically confirmed that this works and improves the either side. So it’s important to give it affected person and likewise embrace different issues, to assist construct your pots like strolling out and different issues.

I do know that may construct your butt, however that is positively going to offer you an enormous boat, so it’s important to apply endurance. So please, in the event you preferred this video and also you loved it, please give me a thumbs up and be at liberty to remark subscribe to my channel.

If you have not now seen the following one bye, guys [, ,, ]



  1. This is 💯 facts
    Oatmeal is good and healthy and it definitely helps grow your butt if you do the right exercise
    I eat oatmeal with honey milk and chia seed and banana and it’s definitely good 🔥🔥💯💯
    PS: Avocado is full of fat but is the healthy fat so don’t be scared to eat it, it also helps with bigger booty

  2. My butt is growing super fast. Here is what I do I eat bananas and eggs and pumpkin seeds and have protein shakes, sometime oatmeal and almond milk. I prefer fish with high protein in it and I prefer to get extra fat from butter. I sometimes have a small serving of potatoes, broccoli or greens or spinach as side dishes I also take creatine, maca root, and arginine, and my bootie is growing quick. I do alot of hip thrust with heavy band on or 50 lb weights, and I do squat jumps and other exercise. My butt is looking good so fast that people are telling me who know me. I work out until my butt HURTS and I keep going even when it hurts. By the end of most days my butt is sore. I workout my butt after every meal. I also rub on my butt vaseline with vitamine e and olive oil and sunflower oil.

  3. I’m back to say thank you honey. I don’t know if to send you pictures. I have increased in ass like never expected. Even people with bigger ass than I was wow at my ass. I fit into any cloth and so sexy. I stopped for a long time now and my ass is still as it was but today. I’m sure starting again. I need more fat ass🙈🙈🙈🙈thank you

  4. WOW SO I INVOLUNTARILY WAT ALL THESE FOODS AND I WAS QUESTIONING WHY MY HIPS AND CUTTS ARE GROWING SO MUCH honestly I hate it hshsjsaj I miss my old body I wonder how I could reverse this 😭😭

  5. Okay, I think imma eat thus separate but there are other foods to gain weight guys! This is a fantastic vid that shows some of them
    Peanut butter
    White rice
    Red meat
    Fish – tuna
    Potatoes… Ect
    I'm just staying away from fatty foods and sodas. If I'm craving something like for eg French fries. I oven bake them instead of deep fry. I also exercise, particularly for my glutes and thighs and I also drink protein shakes… I'm telling you I'm seeing a difference.
    ❤️ I always eat oats and eggs for breakfast. For milk I drink soya milk. Expensive but I buy powdered 🕊️. More convenient 😌. In 3 months I'll be tick asf😭I'm telling you. 🤭

  6. Kindly note we all have different body shapes……..sometimes the above doesnt help if you are an apple-shaped where you gain weight more on your upper body

  7. Mam please make any video on breast enhancement but not exercise but should have something different and give results in 15 days please tell me or if pills have then please give me advise on it. Waiting for your reply thanks 😊

  8. Omg I love almost every single food and drink mentioned! And I eat them a lot too,
    I just don’t really like honey and I never tried Avocados, but I really want bigger hips so yes!

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