How To Fix A Glute Imbalance

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50 thoughts on “How To Fix A Glute Imbalance

  1. Hey! Thank you for the important information!
    in this video you say to preform the “2-1 method” and the “ankle weight hyper” (as a warm up).
    However In your article “how to fix glute imbalance” on your website you mentioned 6 steps to fix this problem. (Including 2-1+ankle weight hyper).
    Such as Isometric contractions for the weaker leg, low-load drills, bilateral low-to-medium movements, band walk as a warm up and so on…
    So how should I train to fix the imbalance?
    Should I only do the “2-1 method” and “ankle weight hyper” or should I follow all the 6 steps?
    (I will mention that right now my weaker glute right leg is not a “severe” case as the lady in the video you shared, but if I won’t fix it it will get there quickly as my muscles develop fast).
    I would appreciate it if you could find the time to answer, nevertheless- thank you so much 🙏🏻

  2. So if you’re right butt cheek is smaller than left, you work out the left side?? I’m struggling with my right side being smaller than my left .

  3. Good method:
    4:00 – The 2-1 method
    4:39 – Ankle weight single leg reverse hyper method
    Agressive method:
    5:24 – Single leg day method

    Excercises (5:45)
    • Ankle weight single leg reverse hyper
    • Single leg hip thrusts

    • Extra range side lying hip abduction

    • Three way glute loop kickback

  4. I’ve had a year long injury to my right quads & hip flexors. I kept working out while injured for way too long. I took a break and have worked out hard now for at least 4 months now and my left glutes are coming along nicely and part of the muscles are coming along on the injured side except one butt muscle and it is flat. Oddest looking thing ever. Is it not firing because of that leg was injured for so long?

  5. Hello Bret, I understand this is probably redundant and you won’t see this comment. However, I have really weak medius and minimus muscles, I am struggling a lot with those specific groups. If possible, can you do a video pertaining to these muscles alone.

    Thank you

  6. Love from India ❤❤❤….. Sir i am 25 years old and my height 5'5"…my weight 54 kg… Sir i have knock knees problem last two years….. So please make video how to fix knock knees…… Sir please please please🙏🙏🙏….. Love you sir…

  7. Needed this! I have scoliosis and a leg length discrepancy so I have alll sorts of imbalances. I’ve been working on my bicep imbalance and that’s way easy. But the glutes are tough! I will be trying out these methods

  8. I have a slight glute imbalance where my right lower glute is smaller than my lower left glute but my right upper glute is about the same as my left upper glute, so it’s mostly just the right lower glute that has the imbalance but I’m not sure which method would work best.

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  10. That girl with the severe imbalance would probably benefit immensely from seeing a chiropractor! That type of imbalance emerges from spinal impairments, many of which can be helped tremendously by manual adjustments. It has made huge differences for my assymmetries which are partially the result of an accident in early childhood I didn't take care of until my twenties.

    Thank you for a good video!

  11. So… exercises for single leg day are:
    • Single leg hip thrusts
    • Ankle weight single leg reverse hyper
    • Cable kickback
    • Extra range side lying hip abduction
    • Three way glute loop kickback

  12. Thank you for this video. I was just diagnosed with a glute imbalance which is actually causing me to have pain in the patellar tendon on the weaker side. I have my prescribed PT exercises, but this will be helpful for long term maintenance.

  13. I think my scoliosis is responsible for a slight imbalance in my glutes as well as core. It’s not visually that noticeable but it bothers me because it’s noticeable during exercises. This was very helpful!

  14. I feel like my left glute is weaker because I have a harder time activating it during "quad specific movements" … when I do those exercises like squats and lunges on the right side its like my right glute is the only thing activated during the movement, and its the opposite on my left side!

  15. My right glute is definitely bigger. It makes the middle seam of my pants shift. But how do I know if it’s bigger bc it has more muscle or bc it has more fat? I’m right handed/footed if that makes a difference

  16. I have scoliosis in my lumbar due to uneven hips and because of that, my left glute is bigger than my right! Guh! But even the chiropractor said to strengthen the weaker glute to help lessen the pain and to fix the curve

  17. My right side is way weaker amd it has way more noticeable cellulite. My left side still has some but much less apparent I thought it could be because of the imbalance and not being able to grow that side.

  18. Oh my! My upper is damn near to my shoulder blades. My lower… my lower is somewhere down the back of my legs 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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