How to Fix a DAMAGED METABOLISM (Reverse Dieting vs All In)

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  4. Thanks for this! In respect to "all in", surely there are healthy and unhealthy ways of going about it? Even though Stephanie Buttermore appears to have benefited from the process, I felt that her diet choices would lead to longer term implications and struggles with her weight and health as she ate an incredibly high amount of processed sugary foods (at least in her videos). Surely the best way to be all in is to simply eat significantly more calories while still eating nutritionally? i.e, higher fat foods such as nuts, seeds, protein shakes, larger portions of proteins, complex carbs and veggies, as opposed to eating a lot of fat/sugar/caloric dense processed foods such as doughnuts, ice cream, pizza, etc? As someone who has been overweight and has a health condition that is not caused but is impacted by weight (particularly processed sugary foods), I really fear for those who take this approach. I imagine it's not difficult to go a little too far and end up prediabetic or with other significant health issues as a result of going all in, even if your body did need the surplus. Personally, while I suspect that I have damaged my metabolism over the years and really do struggle to lose despite making "all the right choices", I know that I would end up with raised intracranial pressure and vision loss if I ate a lot of processed and sugar rich foods.

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  6. Since 2015, I have been on and off gaining-losing weight. I am always obsessing about food. I schedule what and when I will eat. I try to stop but I just cant. Earlier this year after restricting for a couple months, I gained 5-6 kgs in less than a month. I have been trying to lose them back but for the first time in 6 years, I just can't. I can't lose weight. It's been 4 months of eating balanced and exercising but there is so little difference that I am just wondering why does my body do this? Why now? Did I damage my metabolism that much? How am I suppose to fix it? How can I stop obsessing and always stressing about food? Nobody's helping me and I can't reach for help due to family reasons. I totally forgot what it is to eat normally without thinking about gaining weight. 😥

  7. As much as I love the information, this actually discouraged me a bit. It feels like there’s basically nothing I can do then to lose weight healthily that my body won’t try to stop me from doing. I’m currently doing calorie restricting again with light exercising, and trying to eat nutrient rich food with a good amount of protein. Now I feel like I’m missing out on being able to eat 2000+ calories a day because I’ve messed up my metabolism. But if I eat any more than this deficit, I gain weight. Don’t know what to do.

  8. Hi !
    Thanks fo this awesome video. 🤍
    I have a question though.
    I suffer of bulimia for 20 years now. Since I saw a health practitioner and stopped dieting, fasting and returned to 3 meals a day without forbidding any food I stopped… my brain feels safe again. It is a relief since I was binging and purging several times a day some times.
    My weight is stable but I don’t seem to be able to lose now… I eat very well and not huge quantities. Sometime a snack (fruit or yogurt). I move a lot most days… am I going to lose one day or did I wrecked my body for good ? It has been 2 months and I didn’t lose a pound… Thanks for your answer 🙏🏻

  9. I started off by doing a series of water enemas and coffee enemas to detox my body. After doing this I was able to jumpstart my metabolism. For me a toxic body caused a slow metabolism.

  10. I get really interested about what my set point would be? I really think my higher set point is 100kg and i easily lost weight down to around 70kg. Is that my 30 kg gap my set point? But if i want to weigh 60kg how do i do that theeeen? 😂🙈

  11. Increasing your calories by 40-50 is unnecessary. I've tried that after my cutting phase and calories at 1300. It was torture. Next time starting from 1350 calories I estimated my NEW maintenance calories, which came to about 2100. I bumped my calories right away to 1800. Stayed there for a week to see how my body reacts. Slight weight gain, water, and glycogen. It's not fat because you are still in a calorie deficit. I felt great, eating more and being myself again. After that, I've increased my calories by 75-100 every week until I found my actual maintenance, which was closer to 2000. I was weight lifting at the same time and was as lean as ever. Then it was a lean bulk. So the second time getting back to my calorie maintenance was easier, faster, and more manageable. I wasn't hangry anymore.:) That was my experiance.

  12. I watched this video when it came out but found myself rewatching it now as there's so little emprically-based information out there on this topic! I went into a little google search just now because as a PhD student, I wanted to learn more and really get into the specifics, but all the info that comes up says that you're just "pretending" to eat so little and that you're actually overeating which is why you're fat. It breaks my heart that there are so many people out there who are struggling with their weight whilst eating significantly less than anyone around them. We can do this!

    I'm finding myself in this exact situation where I've been chronically undereating for a few years after a period of significant restriction and dieting with the intention of competing in bodybuilding. There were lots of binges after the severe restrictive period and I have been trying to get my weight under control by eating in a deficit for YEARS. I'm now 20kg heavier and recently started seeing a nutritionist. When I made a diary of what I ate on a couple of days for her, she was surprised that I was eating 1400 or less on most days whilst maintaining my (high) weight. She said that unless I was metabolically adapted, I should be losing weight at this number. She's now put me on 2000 cal and I'm absolutely astounded that it's SO HARD for me to reach 2000cal! If I try really hard and definitely feel like i'm overeating, I get to a max of 1800. Some days I track and only realize at 10pm that I've eaten less than 1000 cal. It's a lot of work to retrain your brain to allow you to eat more (and that it's necessary) but I can confirm, this approach really seems to work as I've actually lost 3kg since starting (approx. 3 weeks ago). I haven't had a single binge session either!

  13. I had a very toxic cycle with food. I love food but also doesn’t like what my body has done because I have always had an unhealthy relationship with my food and my body. I’m on a journey now to heal from the toxicity and nutritional stress that I have caused.

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