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How To Drive Her Crazy In Bed

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Knowing exactly what ‘kills’ your partner when having sex, undoubtedly means possessing privileged information.

However, here are ten points that can drive women ‘crazy’ in the bedroom.

You can try one by one how much they satisfy your partner.

The list was based on a survey conducted by the sexologist Ruben Carbajal, a psychologist, sexologist, and psychotherapist, specialized in gender equity and author of “The 100 Sex Tasks” and “Sex Spirit and Love.”

10. Time.

Most women find it annoying that their partner concludes in a few minutes, without giving them time to enjoy themselves.

Twenty onwards is a reward of pleasure.

9. The foreplay.

The preamble is fundamental.

In that time it fascinates that your partner makes you feel special and, above all, unique.

Cover his eyes with a bandage and use a pen or tongue to touch some of the sensitive parts that you know of. This stimulates nerve endings.

8. A magic number.

There are women who opt for “equitable” oral sex.

Feeling it and doing it at the same time is rewarding.

The most comfortable thing about 69 is her over him, take it into account.

7. Feather pillow.

A tip that many women appreciate is that their partner put a pillow or cushion under the hip, this varies in both the traditional position of “The Missionary,” which is easier to meet the G-spot.

6. Rhythm.

Penetration alone does not sexually stimulate a woman.

It is the rhythm that makes the difference; The movement of the hip radically changes the opinion about a sexual relationship.

5. Multitask!

In addition to practicing oral sex to your partner, if it pleases her, it can excite you to simultaneously caress her breasts.

To walk with your hands her whole body generates the idea of being completely yours.

4. Smell you.

Stimulate the whole body with a massage “unlocks” her body.

If you caress her with aromatic essences the effect lasts longer and will be engraved in her memory as an incomparable memory.

3. Little bites.

According to the survey, soft nibbles add an animal trait to the relationship.

2. Help me.

Achieving orgasm through masturbation before penetration can be even more pleasurable, and even, the woman should cooperate more in the relationship so that her partner reaches orgasm through it.

1. The maximum.

Make love and also stimulate the clitoris.

It is another “multitasking”, yes, but according to the respondents, that double stimulation raises the sensitivity and concentration during the most intense minutes of the day.

Do you know another tip? Tell us. We will learn together.

Tell us your opinions in the comments section below.

(Source: http://www.excelsior.com.mx/node/718966)

To learn more about How To Drive Her Crazy In Bed, CLICK HERE:

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