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50 thoughts on “How To Do A Glute Bridge | The Right Way | Well+Good

  1. Hmm. At 1:41 she says 'my knee should be right in line with my wrist' while pointing at her left ankle. The on screen text says 'knee in line with wrist' with a pointer referencing her right, raised knee. Confusing.

  2. I feel like I never get high enough. I definitely feel it in my glutes and if I touch them they are definitely engaged. If i try to go higher it feels like I am doing work with my back, thighs or calves.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the tip. Question, what should I do if my feet doesn't feel right? I make it flat on the floor but something doesn't feel right. Then I try to point my toes out at an angle but that doesn't work either. I don't know how to explain it.

  4. Even after watching this i dont get it. Ive done 50 in a row for weeks now and it just feels like someone kicked me right above my knees. How do you know that your glutes are working out? and lol knee in line with wrist…you mean ankle right?

  5. just a heads up, you are extending your lumbar region too much and you need to flex your abdominals more and connect to you pelvic floor muscles are you exhale. too much back extension.

  6. Every physical therapist I talked to said that by keeping your feet flat on the ground like that, you are putting more focus on your calves. Your toes should be pointed upwards if you are worried about training your hamstring and glutes.

  7. Hello Charlie, could you tell me why am I not feeling my butt on fire? I'm doing the exercise super correctly and precise, I'm sure of it and my brother, who is calistenics athele, also tells me I'm doing it alright. Why am I not feeling my butt on fire then? Tbh, I've got a pretty decent strong bum but I would like to feel that fire in it when I do the exercise. I'm so sad. If anyone has an idea, you are very much welcome to answer please

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