How To Diet To Lose Fat FOR GOOD (4 Phases)

If you’re watching this video, chances are, you’re wondering how to to lose fat for…


24 thoughts on “How To Diet To Lose Fat FOR GOOD (4 Phases)

  1. A bit complicated, isn't it? Just stop eating for extended periods of time and you'll lose fat. The body is perfectly capable of running of the fat. This is why it's there in the first place, it's a reserve for when there is no food. Just drink more.

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  5. Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn't mess up your fitness plans? Agoge Diet thank you for everything!Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn't mess up your fitness plans? Agoge Diet thank you for everything!

  6. Weight loss is impossible for indians lol.

    2 slices of toast pan fried in olive oil
    2 tablespoons peanut butter
    1 cup chai

    Roti with olive oil
    2 servings of aloo gobi
    1 cup plain yogurt
    1 cup lentils
    1 banana

    Hand full of trek mix
    2 dates
    1 cup green tea with honey and lemon

    Snack 2:
    Strawberry smoothie
    Basmati rice 1 cup
    1 serving aloo gobi
    1 servings tofu

    Dinner snack
    Hand full of grapes

    All this is about 2500 calories…and i still feel hungry. I went on a low calorie diet however it was causing too much hair loss. The moment I went back up to 2500 I got all my hair back. I just weight lift more now and iam focused on changing body composition..being skinny will not make you look better( as a man) ..just dont be obese

  7. I don't understand why there is so many videos on these fasting. Shouldn't be Intro another video for common mistakes or a little advanced video about whats going on. But no, there is literally 100's if not thousands of videos on this and that. I not talking only from Jeremy's video but also others.

  8. I'm only here because I've had dreams about a girl for the past few days and it's been the best dreams I've ever had, I weigh around 200 but haven't checked in a month or two so I'm probably more now. I'm going to try to change because what girl wants a guy with fat rolls, None. I'm going to try and lose weight and maybe then will I be actually happy. I'll be back in a Month, See ya.

  9. Eat less and more healthily, walk a lot more and at a faster pace or jog/run in the morning. Sometimes you will be hungry just be okay with losing muscle for now. Once your stomach thins out start lifting again.

  10. If you ask me, it's really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called Agoge Diet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.

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  12. I have been on diet for like 8months lost about 15Kgs (I took a 3 months break where I regained my muscle massand strength) I restarted diet with a different approach …I haven't regained a single kilogram yet

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