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How to Change Health Bar Color on League of Legends

Changing the health bar color on League of Legends
I haven’t been doing much videos lately sorry! But I’ll try to get new and detailed content.
Here’s a relatively quick video for me teaching how to change health bar color on League of Legends!

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How to Change the Color of your Health Bar in League of Legends: (By Default, the file changes the health bar color to yellow)
First, go to your web browser of choice (I used Google Chrome).
Copy and Paste the following link:

The link contains the GeneralCharacterData_Legacy.ini that you will need.
Click Download near the top right.
Click the green Download button.
If you are using Google Chrome, a warning may pop on the bottom left, but click Keep.

Go to your Downloads folder if downloads are kept there.
Cut GeneralCharacterData_Legacy.ini and paste it into
C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsRADSsolutionslol_game_client_slnreleases.0.0.248deployDATAmenuhud
By default, the file changes your health bar to yellow when you enter a game in League of Legends.

Now, if you want to customize that yellow health bar to any color you want.
First, go to the folder where you pasted the GeneralCharacterData_Legacy.ini file.
Right click the file and click Edit.
It will open the Notepad editor.
Now, press Ctrl + F to open the find tool.
Search [Health
Make sure that you found [HealthBarChampionSelfDefault]
Five lines below, you will find HealthBarColor = 252 252 10 255

Go to the following website:
Choose a color, and copy the R G B value.
R G B Transparency
Keep the Transparency number as 255
In the video, as an example, on my line, it has:
HealthBarColor = 245 17 211 255

Now, change the HealthBarColor at the other two places:
Underneath [HealthBarChampionSelfSpectator] and [HealthBarChampionSelfColorblind]

Example: what one of the sections of GeneralCharacterData_Legacy.ini looks like:

PercentageOffset = 0 0.1
HealthOffset = 31 18
PAROffset = 31 30
LoCOffset = 31 38

HealthBarColor = 245 17 211 255
HealthFadeColor = 255 0 0 255
AllShieldColor = 170 170 170 255
PhysShieldColor = 255 103 0 255
MagicShieldColor = 153 0 255 255

FadeSpeed = 0.5

LevelTextOffset = 15 34
TitleTextOffset = 75 4
ChatBubbleOffset = 0 0

Now, go click file on the top left and save. When you go to a League of Legends game, the color will change.

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