How To Build Great Glutes with Perfect Hip Thrust Technique (Fix Mistakes!)

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39 thoughts on “How To Build Great Glutes with Perfect Hip Thrust Technique (Fix Mistakes!)

  1. Hey a bunch of young people who already look good by default doing excessive exercises they don't need, like hip thrusting against a wall with weight on top of you right over your lower back, that injures you leaving you unable to train. Thanks algorithm 👍

  2. Hehe I do this at home using my bed and a 1.8 L water bottle 😆 I'm too shy to work out in front of others at the gym even tho I'm skinny 🤭😅

  3. About feeling it more in the quads than in the glutes, I noted that if I do my hip thrusts after my quad exercises, my quads will be burning uncomfortably and I won't feel a good contraction of the glutes; but if I do my hip thrusts before training quads, the quads are still unactivated and I feel my glutes amazingly.

    I train hams first so they are fatigued and can't help as much with the thrust, train my gluteus medius also before the thrust so my glutes are more activated, and work abs before to help combat the back arching. I should also stretch my psoas right there but I'm usually lazy and leave it for the end of the workout.

    I work and study sitting down and the sport I did in my teens was swimming, so my glutes are disproportionately small to the rest of my muscles (plus my fat doesn't get stored there at all making it look even worse) and my mind-muscle connection was wack, but with a lot of emphasis in hip thrusts and doing what I mentioned before they are starting to grow decently and to get a stronger mind-muscle connection. I expect to have an actually big butt in like a year.

  4. Hi i am beginner, how many times i have to do per time? Do i need to do everyday or 3-4 times per week? As i just want to lift my butt but not to have a bigger thigh. Thanks

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