How To Best Train The Glutes (Rule Of Thirds)

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23 thoughts on “How To Best Train The Glutes (Rule Of Thirds)

  1. Hi Bret, I'm 54 and I suffer from atrophy on my left leg…I had back surgery (2003) and my sciatica made it extremely painful to workout…now, after 90+lbs weight loss, no more pain!, But now my left leg is right glute and leg are developing nicely, but my left is smaller…have done unilateral exercises and my glutes aren't firing up as much as my right side.. I've heard of "dead butt syndrome"…I do the "mind-body connection", but my glute is having a hard time "remembering" what it's supposed to be doing for the past 5 months especially my gluteus medius!..yes, I get sore, but there's no growth!..could it be the piriformis?..inferior and/posterior gemellus?..idk, this is very frustrating…I was even training heavy every day paying more close attention to my weaker side to no avail..please help!!!…I just want an "even butt"..

  2. I've been in the fitness industry for 14 years and did every lift possible, but had crappy glutes. A female colleague of mine introduced me to your stuff a few years back. The Glute Lab is one of my favorite books in my library and my ass looks way better now. Thanks brotein powder!

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