How To Awaken Your Glutes (DO THESE EVERYDAY!) ft. Dr. Stuart McGill

Your glutes are important. But the problem nowadays though is that we tend to sit a lot and for…


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  1. (12:24) Summary
    – Daily Moves

    (5:57) Exercise 1: Glute Bridges; 3 sets of 10 reps with 5 sec holds.

    (7:31) Exercise 2: Clam Shells; 3 sets of 10 reps.

    (11:58) Exercise 3: Toe Raises; 10 reps with 5 sec holds 3 to 5 times throughout the day.

    – Advanced Exercises

    (9:05) Lateral Steps Ups

    (9:33) Goblet Squats

    (10:25) Cable Pull-Throughs

    Detailed Overview:

    (3:31) Step 0: Testing – "To find out if your glutes may indeed be in needing some more attention, there's four key indicators that we can look at."
    (2:04) Gluteal Amnesia: Indicator 1 – Lack of Feeling of Glutes (and, consequently, sore tight lower back and hamstrings)
    (2:19) Gluteal Amnesia: Indicator 2 – Single Leg Loop Bridge
    (2:40) Gluteal Amnesia: Indicator 3 – Posture (Anterior Pelivc Tilt)
    (2:51) Gluteal Amnesia: Indicator 4 – Sedentary Lifestyle (Flat Butt Syndrome)

    (3:31) Step 1: Contraction – "To understand what a glute contraction actually feels like and getting your brain to connect to the muscle."

    (3:39) Exercise 1

    (3:58) Exercise 2

    (4:26) Step 2: Activation – "Once you've run a few sets of each of those, and you can actually really feel your glutes contracting in each of those positions, we want to then progress it to some exercises where your glutes are working against gravity, which is where step 2 comes in. To do so, we'll use 2 simple exercises (…) found to be the best option to getting those glutes firing again.

    (5:57) Glute/Back Bridge: "Targets the largest of your glute muscles, the gluteus maximus"; "5 second pause at top."

    (7:31) Clam Shell: "Used to target another important glute muscle, the gluteus medius."

    – 3 sets of 10 reps "but with each rep preformed mindfully and with a strong activation of the glutes."

    (8:30) Step 3: Progression with resistance/load – "Once you do get back to a point where your glutes are firing and you're feeling a lot more relief on your lower back and hamstrings, you want to then start progressing your glutes with more and more resistance and load, and train with them in different movement patterns."

    (9:05) Lateral Steps Ups: "Challenges glutes in multiple planes."

    (9:33) Goblet Squats: "Teaches how to use glutes in squat pattern"

    (10:25) Cable Pull-Throughs: "Teaches how to use glutes in hinge pattern with hamstrings."

    (11:29) Step 4: Prevention – "Lastly, although you will likely have success with the previous steps, it's important the we don't overlook a potential root cause of all of this: too much sitting and inactivity, which where Step 4: Prevention, comes in."

    – "You want to avoid prolonged periods of sitting where you just aren't using your glutes at all, and instead get up and take a walk or have a stretch at least between every 30 minutes of sitting, and even better, during your breaks perform what I'll just call a wake-up exercise for your glutes. For example, one great mindfull exercise is:

    (11:58) Toe Raises

    – 10 reps of 5 second holds 3 times a day.

    Things to keep in mind:

    "Good coaching and mindfulness is essential. We've measured that those who treat these exercises trivially do not restablish the gluteal patterns that are required."

    "Proper execution (…) is absolutely essential".

  2. How can I do the 3 progressions at home without equipment? I can do the lateral step up on a stair, the goblet squat with my 2 dumbbells because I don't have a kettlebell. But how can I do a cable pull through?! Thank you so much!

  3. You're riding a horse full speed, there's a giraffe beside you, and you're being chase by a lion. What do you do?

    Get your drunk butt off the carousel.

  4. As far as the anterior pelvic tilt I'm not real sureif that whole concept of what's tight what's weak and what's strong is correct. I have anterior pelvic tiltI think my glutes are pretty strong but there's one difference I'm missing my left leg and the way I walk on my prosthetic might may be the cause so that is throwing in the monkey wrench

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