How Often Should I Train The Glutes?

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49 thoughts on “How Often Should I Train The Glutes?

  1. I have a baker’s cyst on my left knee, it burst, I’ve had cortisol injection and take medication for
    for pain which I don’t like but I have too. I often walk with a limp. I blame the extra kg. I can only work on my glutes without bending my knees which has been disappointing Do you have any advice for me?

  2. Hows this…? I do not care for the big booty trend tbh but I do want my glutes to be lifted and firmed.

    Sunday: Rest
    Monday: Lower Body
    Tuesday: Upper Body
    Wednesday: Full Body
    Thursday: Upper Body
    Friday: Full Body
    Saturday: Rest

    Barbell Squats (Smith Machine)
    Romanian Deadlift (Dumbbell)
    Barbell Hip Thrust ~
    Glute Focused Back Extensions ~
    StepMill (10-15 minutes)

    Dumbbell Incline Chest Press
    Dumbbell Chest Press
    Dumbbell Squeeze Press
    Dumbbell Chest Fly

    Sled Push
    Sled Drag
    Reverse Sled Drag
    Tire Flip
    Battle Ropes
    Medicine Ball Throws

  3. Should I be training my glutes, or any muscle group for that matter, when I’m still sore. For example, I’m one of those that gets quite sore for 2-3 days post workout. To fit three glute workouts in a week I would have to train while I am still sore and recovering from the last workout. Always thought you wanted full healing before hitting again to make those gains. Thanks!

  4. Hi Bret,👋
    I'am workıng hip twice a week. I work really well and, i eat very well. But, nevertheless I see my hips getting smaller. i don't understand why? I think I'm making a mistake somewhere

  5. the thing that i want to know is how can i get the best results with the least number of glute excersize variation..i get bogged down with the sheer number of different ones..what 5 to 6 excersizes would you reccomend for comprehensive glute shape/growth? thanks

  6. THANK YOU! I'm that kind of person that doesn't get sore after working out and I train my muscles 6 days a week for 40-50 minutes (glutes and abs) and I was wondering if it was too much. You cleared all my confusion. I'm gonna apply the rule of thirds from now on and hope to see results soon. I have trained and toned all my muscles many years ago but I don't have a six pack and my bum is shapeless so I'm doing this to feel better in my own body

  7. My trainer recommended you as soon as I said I wanted to work on building my glutes. I am about to start reading Glute Lab, and I did my first ever hip thrusts yesterday. Loved the video. 🙂

  8. This was broken down soooooo well. Awesomely explained and extremely specific. I always felt like I could train more because of what I was trying to achieve requiring not crazy intensity or personal records. This vid has helped tons

  9. Bret, You need to get your Glute Lab out to major cities like New York City. It would do well. Most of the gyms here (unless you are paying astronomically $$$$) suck balls. They are pathetic and charge ridiculous amounts of money with trainers who show off doing cross fit unless you go to the meathead gym. You should consider it. It's a sad scene out here .

  10. As a songwriter, the only thiing I can compare with this glute video of Bret's is two freight train fast power songs by John McLaughlin as Mahavishu remastered "Vital Transformation" and his 4th Dimension "Guitar Love" live from Belgrade.

  11. A Blitzkrieg Of Facts & Solid Anecdotes Like Being In The Ring With Tyson. A Knowledge/Experience "As*" Whipping One-Two Punch Of Steamroller Proportions. I Have To Lay Down, What A Brain Beating Short Circuit Overload. No Question About It, A Platinum/Iridium Value "For The Money". You ARE The HeavyWeight Champ Ph.D.

  12. These are so practical and immediately applicable and with both scientific and anecdotal basis – thank you Bret!! I've been trying to answer this question for awhile!

  13. Hello I have a client who insists on training 7 days a week and wants to grow glutes. In your opinion is training frequency going affect her ability to reach the goal of growth?

  14. Progressive overload when having knee problems. A few years back when doing a 60kg Dead lift, under the supervision of a PT, I had lightning pain go through my knee. Forward few years and I had that sort of pain come up just when losing balance on a tram. Sometimes I get a lil pain when I dance. And unfortunately, I also get it when doing hip thrust with a 90 degree angle thigh to chin (only with higher weights tho). I think Ive done huge progress in my glutei development but could do better. And I hear you speaking about progressive overload and realise im not setting new PRs, adding more and more weight. Now my question is: when I do have this knee pain going on, sometimes in both knees, is maxing it out on heavy sessions a good idea? I mean I will try to add on even a little overload just to see how the body handles it, but wanted to hear your take on this. Thanks!

  15. Hi Brett, I am currently training with a P.T. anf sending him your videos to base my work outs on your advice… I just turned 38 yo and my goal is try to be "bikini ready" (competitively) by 2023, when I turn 40. So I will def. Would love to try your method. I really appreciate how impeccably well you explain your videos based on all of the studies available. Please continue to teach us about glutes, you have certainly given me a lot of inspiration when it comes to that muscle group.

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