How Long Will It Take To See Your Six Pack? | Body Fat % Calculation


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41 thoughts on “How Long Will It Take To See Your Six Pack? | Body Fat % Calculation

  1. I watched this video months ago and never really looked at it like this before. Awesome video!
    On second viewing the math and white board part make a lot more sense. It was a lot to learn for me the first time.

  2. So by this calculation I'll be at my goal of 13% bodyfat at 65.5kg in 3 and a half month. Right now I'm at 73.5kg and just 9 months ago I was at 86kg. So basically it's taking me 1 year to go from a fatass to abs. Nice

  3. You should definitely do another video like this but targeted at women! I know all this info still applies but the body fat % a lil different. According to the smart scales I have (could be wildly inaccurate I know) i’ve been at about 51-52kg and 21% body fat for MONTHS now! Which is close to “athlete” for women, but i’m so confused, when I first started working out about 3y ago I had noodle arms, now my arms and shoulders are very toned and my legs are too, but NO ABS UNLESS I FLEX!!! 😭 So annoying, i’m about 5’2 for reference, if only my stomach was that bit more toned i’d be content with my body, idk if I need to build more muscle in a calorie surplus or cut more body fat soo confused

  4. There isn't any fat loss tea or a magic pill. There are only smart dieting and training. Agoge Diet is a great tool to start with because it gives you everything you need to reach your fitness goals.

  5. Previously you were show ready at say.. ? 7% at 170 So that’s about 158 lean.. And that’s down from 185 and say 12%.. So that’s 161.8 lean.. Just saying even you lost about 4 pounds of muscle to drop 15 total, 4 in muscle and the rest in fat, and water dehydration.. Lots of water dehydration.. So unless you are really on top of all those variables like an experienced physic competitor.. Or 23 years old with great genetics, and the ability to keep nubie gains…. I think people will lose much more on a cut than your estimation of muscle percentage for your calculation.. Just saying it’s going to probably happen just be psychologically prepared for that..

  6. Exercises are fine but if you really want rock solid abs, you will need some diet too. IMO diet is the most important factor in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Personally, I followed a meal plan from a website dietarize, and after eight weeks I lost a lot of body-fat, and I even got six pack forming 😀 They also provide you with an home workout plan, grocery lists… Only donwside is that they don't have too many recipes yet.

  7. Been doing OMAD for about 40 days now. Down 20 pounds back to 225 and still have ways to go. Crazy after doing OMAD for over a month, cravings and just overall food when I’m fasting isn’t a big deal. I don’t even think about eating. My lowest weight was 182 back in 2016 and I really wanna get back to it and I’m going to! People usually make the excuse of “bulking” during the holidays. Fuck that. Gotta cut and stay lean! Hope y’all reach y’all’s goals!

  8. So motivating! I love real world math that brings me hope! 😂👍 Looking forward to crunching numbers and putting my projected AB reveal date on the mirror to look at every morning. Thank you!

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